Limbaugh: "The left is scared to death of God"


On October 18, in asserting that liberals fear that President George W. Bush is too reliant on faith in his presidential decision-making, radio host Rush Limbaugh shared his view of the attitude of liberals towards God. Limbaugh was responding to an October 17 New York Times Magazine article by author and journalist Ron Suskind on how Bush's faith guides his decisions.

From the October 18 edition of The Rush Limbaugh Show:

LIMBAUGH: The left is scared to death of God. They think Bush is a believer, and they got quotes from people that say Bush doesn't think, he just follows his instincts based on how he feels after he prays. He's just -- "this is horrible." They're out there and they're scared to death because they don't understand God. They don't understand a personal relationship with God. They can only think it's trouble.

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