WABC's Levin compared U.N. to KKK

WABC's Levin compared U.N. to KKK


On the September 23 broadcast of the Mark Levin Show on WABC radio, host and Landmark Legal Foundation president Mark R. Levin likened the United Nations to the Ku Klux Klan. While discussing Senator John Kerry's proposals for the war in Iraq, a caller expressed his disgust for "Kerry's sensitivity to that international house of money launderers on the east side of Manhattan," referring to the United Nations.

Levin responded to the caller as follows:

I have a simple question for John Kerry. How can he support an organization that anti-Semitic? I would like to know how the U.N., given the make-up of the august body, is any different than the KKK or all the rest of it. They've got people in that U.N. that are torturers, mass-murderers, anti-Semites, anti-Americans, anti-freedom, and we're supposed to keep conferring our decisions to them. Why?

Levin is not the first right-wing media personality to smear the United Nations. As Media Matters for America previously noted, following President George W. Bush's September 21 speech at the annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, radio host Rush Limbaugh described the U.N. General Assembly as "thugs and dictators" and claimed that they "don't condemn it [terrorism] because they wish to reserve it as an option should they need it."

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