The Washington Times' 'Rather false' editorial


In its September 14 lead editorial, headlined "A Rather false story," The Washington Times concluded, on the basis of much-debated evidence, that it's "fairly clear" that the controversial memos released by CBS on September 8 are "forgeries." In making their charge, the Times alleged that one of the disputed documents (page 2), ordering then-Lieutenant George W. Bush to undergo a flight physical, cites a regulation that did not exist: "There was no AFM 35-13 regulation governing physicals."

Yet other National Guard records in Bush's military file, which the White House released in February and are known to be authentic, cite the same regulation in suspending Bush's flight status for failing to submit to the physical.

A September 29, 1972, order (page 10 and 11) confirms Bush's August 1 suspension "from flying status" for: "Failure to accomplish annual medical examination. Off will comply with para 2-10, AFM 35-13. Authority: Para 2-29m, AFM 35-13."

And a September 5, 1972 order, signed by then-Colonel Bobby W. Hodges, commanding officer of Bush's 147th fighter group, stated:

In accordance with paragraph 2-29m, AFM 35-13, failure to accomplish annual physical examination, 1st Lt George W. Bush, [blacked out], is suspended from flying status effective date 1 Aug 1972. Publish orders as directed in paragraph 2-28, AFM 35-13.

Bush Military Service, 2004 Elections
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