Evita 's Andersen and FOX's Hill: Hillary Clinton's 2008 aspirations shown through convention speech


The day following Senator Hillary Clinton's speech at the Democratic National Convention "about the next great Democratic president: John Kerry," Christopher Andersen (discredited author of American Evita: Hillary Clinton's Path to Power) and FOX & Friends co-host E.D. Hill asserted that Senator Clinton's speech verified that she does not want the Kerry-Edwards ticket to win the November election because of her own aspirations to run for president in 2008.

From the July 27 edition of FOX News Channel's FOX & Friends:

ANDERSEN: I think what you saw was a preview of her [Senator Clinton's] 2008 acceptance speech.


HILL: 2008, of course, then she can't have Kerry and Edwards win in 2004.

ANDERSEN: Exactly.

HILL: And that's why I'm struck by the specific language she used there. John Kerry, the perception of most of America, is that he is an uptight, super-intellectual, completely out of touch, a little dour, a little sour, way too serious.


HILL: And then you see Hillary Clinton saying, "a serious man--"

ANDERSEN: Heavy gravitas. Yeah, well she's not doing him any favors there, I'm thinking.

HILL: Right. Is that intentional?

ANDERSEN: Well, I think, no, but it serves that purpose, you're right. I think the speech had a little bit of that "insert John Kerry's name here" feel to it, you know. It was more about Hillary.


ANDERSEN: Whatever face they put on it, yes, the Clintons have to look like they're backing this ticket, and the speech Bill Clinton gave was pretty impressive, but, in their heart of hearts, they can't want this ticket to win, because it fouls up their plans. They want Hillary in the White House in 2008. If she waits until 2012, she'll be 64. You know, it could happen, but to keep those plates spinning for eight years is tough.

The unsubstantiated speculation about Clinton's secret political ambitions and alleged hope that Kerry loses in November -- a staple of Andersen's "research" -- has been recently revived by other members of the media, as Media Matters for America has documented.

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