Savage accused Edwards of telling "a Goebbels lie"


Syndicated right-wing radio host Michael Savage accused Senator John Edwards (D-NC) of telling "a Goebbels lie." (Joseph Goebbels was Adolf Hitler's minister of propaganda.) On the July 7 broadcast of Savage Nation, Savage said, "And yet John Edwards has the nerve to say that he fought for the little guy by fighting HMOs and insurance companies. It's utterly -- It's a big lie. It's absolutely a Goebbels lie that if you tell a big lie often enough it becomes the truth. It's the absolute opposite of what he did."

This is not Savage's first use of this particular epithet. As Media Matters for America previously reported, on June 4, Savage called progressive financier, philanthropist, and political activist George Soros, "George Goebbels Soros." (Soros is a Hungarian-born Jew who survived the Nazi occupation of Communist Budapest.)

In the past month, TV and radio host Bill O'Reilly and nationally syndicated Clear Channel radio host Glenn Beck have also compared Democrats and liberals to Goebbels. Beck compared author/documentarian Michael Moore to Goebbels, while O Reilly compared both Moore and radio host Al Franken to the Nazi propagandist.

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