How to be a liberal, by Rush Limbaugh


On June 16, radio host Rush Limbaugh explained to listeners how to pass as a liberal. In response to an Associated Press article that reported that anti-Bush demonstrators will be attending protest training classes in preparation for the upcoming Republican National Convention, Limbaugh suggested that conservatives need "our own CIA ... Conservative Intelligence Agency ... that goes out there and infiltrates the Left, finds out what they're going to do." Limbaugh explained to a caller, who had said that he could be one of those "Liberal infiltrators," how to "become the enemy."

From the June 16 broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show:

You've got to be willing to carry a sign that says Bush equals Hitler.


You've got to be willing to carry a sign that says Saddam with a heart after it, and Bush with a devil sign after his name.


You cannot bathe.


[Y]ou may have to have sex on a sidewalk in front of convention goers so that they see you.

Limbaugh also added, "You got to figure out a way to report back to headquarters without them finding out about you, and you don't want them torturing you."

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