CNBC's Dennis Miller on Iraqi prisoner abuse photos: "I like to trade them with friends"


In the opening "Daily Rorschach" segment of CNBC's June 8 edition of Dennis Miller, host and executive producer Dennis Miller said of the Iraqi prisoner abuse photos, "I like to trade them with friends."

From the June 8 edition of CNBC's Dennis Miller:

MILLER: I'm sorry, those pictures from the Abu Ghraib. At first, they, like infuriated me, I was sad. Then like, a couple days later, after they cut the guy's [Nick Berg] head off, they didn't seem like much. And now, I like to trade them with friends.

Miller's comments echoed radio host Rush Limbaugh's May 21 comments: "The media ought to start making some money off these pictures and videos, not just publishing them free. We need some prison torture, you know, bubble gum cards ... you know, like I say, we got baseball cards and bubble gum. Now let's have terror cards -- only let's show our prison abuse photos instead of the terrorists and who they are and what they do."

According to CNBC's Dennis Miller website, "The program highlights current events with a 'Daily Rorschach,' a high-speed blitz of monologue jokes, news photos and videotape clips."

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