Savage: "Everything's about Brown v. The Board of Education ; it's sickening"


The day after the fiftieth anniversary of the historic civil rights case Brown v. Board of Education, nationally syndicated radio show host Michael Savage made known his views of the court case and racism in the United States. During the May 18 broadcast of Savage Nation, Savage's comments included: "I am so tired of the race thing, leave me alone already"; "In fact [minorities are] given priority treatment everywhere"; and "Everything's about Brown v. The Board of Education, it's sickening. ... [E]verywhere you turn is racism again, and you gotta listen to the garbage."

SAVAGE: Bush was hugging people of color. President Bush, with the 16th Street Baptist Church Choir of Birmingham, Alabama, at the Monroe Elementary School saying that there's no racial equality in America. Trying to out maneuver Kerry on the race issue. He said the habits of racists in America have not all been broken. Oh I'm sick of it. I am so tired of the race thing, leave me alone already. Leave me alone already; I don't want to hear it anymore. Get over it. Get over it, you know what I mean? Everyone has an equal shot in this country.


SAVAGE: If you wanna go back to this whole Left Wing brainwashing all over again; that every day we're gonna hear about racism, and the race card, and the oppression of blacks, and the oppression of Hispanics, and how poor minorities are under -- under this, under that; and the gays are oppressed -- if you wanna listen to that rubbish for the next four, eight years, then vote for Kerry.


SAVAGE: Yeah, yeah here it is, though. Here was the pictures, "Rivals Attack Racism," New York Post today. It showed George Bush repeating a line right out of the Democratic side, "the habits of racism in America have not all been broken," said Bush. And he goes again to the same story that the liberals have been going to. I mean I don't want to hear this anymore. You know he says that there's no -- what, racism still exists? Well okay, where does it still exist? Can you tell me of some minority here who can't get ahead in this country if he's smart, or she's smart, and she pushes, as much as a white person?

CALLER: Nowhere. Nowhere.

SAVAGE: In fact they're given priority treatment everywhere, you know that. Except at the highest levels, but the fact of the matter is, no white person who isn't connected, gets access either.


SAVAGE: Here, here's Kerry yesterday: Kerry said that 50 years after the Brown v. Topeka Board of Education case [sic], schools remain underfunded, and divided by income. Rubbish. Pure rubbish. And it has nothing to do with money -- or little to do with money, I've told you that. Little to do with money, I've proven to you over and over again. I can show you one minority school after another, with more funding per capita than surrounding, suburban white schools, and the kids still do badly. Okay? Take that -- put that in your pipe and smoke it, and go explain it to yourself, because I know the reasons why.

Savage also attributed the occurrence of the first legal gay marriages in Massachusetts on the anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education to a "Left Wing cabal":

SAVAGE: See all we're hearing this week is race, race, race, race -- the liberals built up for this now -- for now. They're planning this one, it's like a ballgame. Everything's about Brown v. The Board of Education, it's sickening. And here it comes out like a pre-planned, everywhere you turn is racism again, and you gotta listen to the garbage, and the gays get married the next day -- it was like a seamless connection between the black civil rights movement brought into your face Monday, and the gays getting married the same -- it's unbelievable to me -- how carefully planned the entire Left Wing cabal really is - plan -- plans things. There is Left Wing cabal in this country; they run the major organs of disinformation.

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