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  • Contrary To Fox's Reporting, Fox's Krauthammer Admits Right-To-Work "Can Lead To Lower Wages"

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    In The Washington Post, Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer admitted that right-to-work laws lead to lower wages for workers -- conflicting with the narrative promoted by Fox News that such laws increase wages.

    In his column, Krauthammer claimed that recently passed right-to-work laws in Michigan were "inevitable" and that "the entire Rust Belt will eventually follow because the heyday of the sovereign private-sector union is gone." Krauthammer wrote that such laws could possibly bring down unemployment, but he also admitted that President Obama's statement that right-to-work laws give workers "the right to work for less money" was correct:

    Principle and hypocrisy aside, however, the president's statement has some validity. Let's be honest: Right-to-work laws do weaken unions. And de-unionization can lead to lower wages.


    Obama calls this a race to the bottom. No, it's a race to a new equilibrium that tries to maintain employment levels, albeit at the price of some modest wage decline. It is a choice not to be despised.

    I have great admiration for the dignity and protections trade unionism has brought to American workers. I have no great desire to see the private-sector unions defenestrated.

  • Fox Gets "Right-To-Work" Wrong

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    Fox News contributors Steve Moore and Matt McCall falsely claimed that passage of "right-to-work" laws would benefit workers and the economy in Michigan. In fact, economic studies of similar laws have found that they lead to lower wages and do not increase employment.

    On America's Newsroom, Moore and McCall celebrated the passage of so-called "right-to-work" laws recently passed by the majority GOP Michigan legislature. The legislation would prohibit unions from collecting dues from nonunion employees. Moore praised the bill's passage, calling it "huge for the economic future of Michigan." McCall agreed, claiming states that had passed right-to-work legislation had higher compensation and lower unemployment:  

    In fact, "right-to-work" laws have had a significant and negative effect on state economies, employment, and employee compensation. Multiple studies have found that wages and benefits are lower in "right-to-work" states. The Economic Policy Institute found that right-to-work laws "are associated with significantly lower wages and reduced chances of receiving employer-sponsored health insurance and pensions." They estimated these laws decreased hourly wages by 3 percent for all workers:

  • VIDEO: Fox Responds To Drop In Unemployment By Peddling Baseless Conspiracies


    It took less than ten minutes after the Bureau of Labor Statistics released new jobs numbers this morning for Fox to start promoting conspiracy theories about the reported drop in unemployment.

    Commenting on the jobs report as the numbers first came in this morning, Fox Business host Charles Payne speculated that "some people will be very cynical that a government number will come out this great on the eve of the election." Indeed, "some people" at Fox -- including Payne himself -- have subsequently spent much of the day trying to cast doubt on the numbers, with several Fox personalities and guests openly speculating that the BLS may have cooked the books to bolster Obama's chance at reelection.

    In fact, much of Fox's coverage today has focused on the "questions" surrounding the supposedly "fishy" and "convenient" jobs report that the New York Times described as "unexpected good news" for President Obama. 


    Veteran economics journalists have dismissed these conspiracies as "implausible" and "unfounded." 

  • Conservative Media Promote Bogus Chart On National Debt

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    Fox News and right-wing blogs have promoted a chart that purports to show the "alarming" fact that national debt per person is higher in the United States than in several crisis-stricken European countries. This comparison is flawed because these countries' economies are fundamentally different -- a fact demonstrated by the substantially higher interest rates that the crisis countries using the euro must pay on their debt, compared to countries that can borrow in their own currency.

  • Conservative Media Recklessly Distort Volt Safety

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    Conservative media have misrepresented the results of Chevy Volt crash tests, claiming the batteries "blow up" and are a "fire trap," and suggesting that fires have occurred spontaneously during use. In fact, fires only occurred after crash tests and regulators concluded an inquiry after finding that Volts are just as safe as conventional cars.