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  • CBS' Mark Knoller Whitewashes Bush From 2009 Deficit


    CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller whitewashed former President Bush's role in creating $1.2 trillion in deficit for the 2009 fiscal year, instead blaming President Obama for every penny of debt increase since "the day Mr. Obama took office." But the Congressional Budget Office had already projected $1.2 trillion in deficit before Obama took office, based entirely on Bush's actions and economic conditions.

  • CBS Combines Unrelated Reporting On Deficit, Obama Fundraising

    Blog ››› ››› OLIVER WILLIS

    In a article, CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller decides to play it cute, combining the totally unrelated topics of the deficit and President Obama's recently announced fundraising numbers.

    Despite government deficit, Obama campaign flush with cash

    The federal government faces financial default, but the Obama re-election campaign is flush.

    Campaign Manager Jim Messina sent a video to campaign supporters early this morning that the Obama Victory Fund had raised over $86 million in the first three months of its operations: April through June.

    Conveniently the remainder of the article never again mentions the deficit. This may be because the two numbers have nothing to do with each other.

    In case CBS is unclear, here's a refresher -- the budget deficit is a calculation of the spending and receipts of the entire U.S. federal government. By comparison, the fundraising announced from the Obama campaign comes from money citizens have donated to a presidential campaign. Money is involved in both, but they are unrelated.

  • Standing Room Only: "They Stood for Obama, Not for Bush" Conspiracy Debunked

    Blog ››› ››› KARL FRISCH

    Did you hear the one about the White House press corps standing for President Obama and not for President Bush? This manufactured yarn has been spinning through YouTube and right-wing media circles for the past few days.

    Still don't know what I'm talking about? Allow Huffington Post's Jason Linkins to bring you up to speed:

    A YouTube clip purporting to demonstrate -- through press room etiquette -- that the White House Press Corps has a greater level of fundamental respect for President Barack Obama than his predecessor has been making its way around the internet. In the video, the viewer is offered a side-by-side comparison between Obama's interruption of last week's press briefing to announce David Souter's retirement and another instance in which President George W. Bush entered the briefing room. In the former, the press corps stand up. In the later they remain seated. Here, you can watch for yourself:

    I was inclined to be skeptical of this claim, since a single moment between Bush and the press corps in an eight year Presidency does not paint an accurate picture of their relationship. As it turns out, the comparison is pretty unfair, and you can take the word of someone who should know -- CBS News' Mark Knoller:

    It's a long-standing practice for reporters to rise when the president enters the East Room for a news conference, but that hasn't been the case in the briefing room.

    I checked with two colleagues who served as senior wire service reporters during the Bush Presidency and who, in matters of press protocol, the rest of us followed.

    "The briefing room is always a more informal place," says Steve Holland of Reuters.

    But the principal reason reporters remained in their seats, he said, was not to block the shot of TV cameramen and still photographers in the back of the room who were trying to make a picture of the president's walk-in.

    For those keeping track of the debunked Obama/media love-fest conspiracies, this is number 8,253. Not bad for a little over 100 days into the President's first term.