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  • FAIR Hosts Extremist Rally To Denounce "Disease-Ridden" "Racist" Immigrants

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    This week, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is holding a rally hosting a various extreme anti-immigrant radio hosts. Yet FAIR promotes themselves as a mainstream organization, touting their ability to "shed light on this complex subject on their website." Below the jump are some of the extreme, violent, offensive and false comments that FAIR's rally guests have made.

  • Conservatives grasp at straws to condemn DADT report

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    Since the release of the Pentagon's survey of service members regarding Don't Ask Don't Tell, conservatives have attacked the report as inaccurate, claiming it does not adequately represent veterans, that repeal would require a return to the draft, and that it would censor military chaplains. In fact, veterans are well represented in the survey, most said repeal would not affect their career plans, and existing regulations account for the varying beliefs of military chaplains.

  • Kinsolving thinks DADT repeal would lead to "disasters," military reportedly disagrees

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    On the same day CNN reports that a Pentagon survey will report that a "majority of U.S. service members surveyed do not care if the law banning openly gay and lesbian troops from serving is repealed," World Net Daily has published a column by Les Kinsolving that warns that repeal would bring mass early retirement significant enough to prompt a return to the draft.

    From Kinsolving's WND column:

    But that uproar will surely be superseded if the commander in chief of our armed forces joins a lame-duck Democratic Congress in repealing the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, known as DADT.

    Such an action would force members of our Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard to share sleeping quarters, showers and latrines with self-announced homosexuals. Service personnel would eventually be subject to the orders of noncommissioned and commissioned officers who are similarly self-announced homosexuals.


    If that took place, just consider the impact of a large number of long-serving personnel who would retire as soon as possible - rather than submitting to such a horrendous invasion of privacy as being lusted after by the numerous lobbies of militant homosexuality.

    This, in turn, would almost certainly put an end to our all-volunteer armed forces. That would compel reinstitution of the draft.

    Any such compulsory service in the armed forces with self-announced noncommissioned and commissioned officers who are militant homosexuals would at least cause major lawsuits - along with an even higher rate of draft resistors than during the Vietnam War.

    In the real world where people gather data about militaries that have implemented inclusive policies, no such thing has ever happened. Polls of British and Canadian troops suggested mass resignations would occur following the repeal of a ban on gay service members, but retention did not suffer following repeal. Not a single one of 104 experts surveyed for a 2003 study believed that recruitment or retention suffered because of the repeal of bans by the Australian, Canadian, Israeli, or British militaries.

  • WND's Kinsolving: Gay military recruits are disease-ridden "buggers"

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    WorldNetDaily's backlash against a judge's order to stop enforcement of the military's ban on gay and lesbian troops in the military continues with an October 19 column by WND White House correspondent Les Kinsolving.

    Kinsolving denounces the idea that the judge would "force the acceptance of openly announced buggers into the barracks," writes that it is a "very dangerous and disease-ridden judicial decision," and adds: "The recruitment of self-announced homosexuals would also cause a major medical problem given the sexual orientation's high rates of AIDS and syphilis."

    Kinsolving ignores the fact that comprehensive medical testing is typically a part of any pre-deployment health screening process in the military. Screening guidelines and policies can be found here. Moreover, U.S. military regulations require continued testing of all active-duty personnel every two years for HIV, and experts in nations that have lifted their bans on open service by gay men and lesbians have said that the rate of HIV infection among the troops has not increased.

    Kinsolving goes on to ask his readers to "imagine a Marine Corps general – whose combat record includes numerous battle honors for extraordinary courage -- issuing the following orders" on segregation of homosexual and heterosexual inmates. He doesn't explain what one's combat record has to do with following orders that exist only in Kinsolving's imagination. He also asserts, "Forcing any heterosexual midshipman to room with any self-announced homosexual midshipman would be an appalling denial of basic rights."

    As you might suspect from the above, Kinsolving has a longtime obsession with homosexuality, repeatedly denouncing what he calls the "Sodomy Lobby." But his employer is just as anti-gay as he is, so he fits in just fine.

  • UPDATE: Why is Les Kinsolving still allowed in White House press room?

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    Most news organizations, when covering a press briefing, treat what is said by the person in the briefing as news. WorldNetDaily, however, is more concerned about whether its "reporter" gets to ask questions.

    Thus, WND's coverage of White House press briefings is totally centered around whether Les Kinsolving is called on. Such is the case in a July 13 article complaining that Kinsolving, "WND's correspondent at the White House and the second most senior reporter on the beat, was bypassed today at the daily news briefing with press secretary Robert Gibbs."

    This descended into a third-person view of the situation: "Kinsolving, who has been at the post since he began covering the executive branch during the Nixon administration, reports that he has been excluded from daily access to the White House more under President Obama's spokesman, Gibbs, than during the tenures of any of the 14 other press secretaries with whom he has worked." Who did Kinsolving say this to? Why is he unable to report this himself?

    The answer is that Kinsolving is not, in fact, a "reporter." As Eric Boehlert has noted, Kinsolving is a radio host who pushes right-wing talking points masquerading as questions. He hasn't done any real reporting in years and certainly doesn't do any for WND, where his byline appears only on an opinion column.