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  • When media attack: The "details" edition

    ››› ››› DIANNA PARKER

    Media are criticizing President Obama's address on the Gulf oil spill as lacking specifics. MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski described such criticism as "drivel" and argued that they would criticize his speech no matter what he says; indeed after past speeches and press conferences, the media attacked him for being too professorial, lecturing, boring, or arrogant.

  • Mason claimed "liberal left" is "up in arms" over Gates, Clinton selections; didn't note poll showing strong Democratic support for Obama's choices

    ››› ››› MATT GERTZ

    On MSNBC Live, Washington Examiner correspondent Julie Mason asserted that the "liberal left" was "up in arms about Robert Gates staying on at the Defense Department, and some of these other picks, and even -- even the pick of Hillary Clinton at the State Department." But neither Mason nor anchor Alex Witt mentioned that a recent poll showed strong support among Democrats for President-elect Barack Obama's selections of Gates and Clinton.

  • Kurtz and Mason falsely suggested it was "new information" that McCain "acknowledged" his responsibility for failed first marriage

    ››› ››› JULIE MILLICAN

    On Reliable Sources, the Houston Chronicle's Julie Mason said of Sen. John McCain's statement that his "greatest moral failing" was "the failure of my first marriage": "I think McCain really did something extraordinary when -- the way he answered that question. ... So he put it out there, he acknowledged it. And he sort of inoculated himself against it." Howard Kurtz similarly said: "McCain has acknowledged that he was not faithful in his first marriage, but not necessarily before a national television audience." In fact, McCain has repeatedly "acknowledged" his responsibility for the breakup of his first marriage in his memoir, in interviews, and "before a national television audience."