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  • Jerome Corsi's Where's The Birth Certificate? [Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS]

    Blog ››› ››› SIMON MALOY & BEN DIMIERO

    Yesterday marked the release of WorldNetDaily writer Jerome Corsi's latest book, Where's the Birth Certificate? A few short weeks ago, the book rode a wave of publicity from unscrupulous conservative websites like the Drudge Report and Fox Nation to #1 on the Amazon bestseller list. Led by Fox News, right-wing media outlets were embracing the birther canard at an ever-increasing pace.

    Then it all fell apart.

    In the intervening weeks, the birther "issue" has very publicly - and quite embarrassingly for prominent birthers like Corsi and former pretend presidential candidate Donald Trump - collapsed. Obama released his long-form birth certificate on April 27, demolishing the supposed impetus for Corsi's book and rendering it an amusing cultural artifact. In its published form, the book provides a glimpse into the fevered imaginations of some of the most prominent conspiracy theorists of the Obama era.

    Corsi announces in his preface that he was writing the book "in the conviction that Obama has usurped the office of the presidency by waging a skillful public relations campaign to suppress his actual birth circumstances." Unfortunately for Corsi, that "conviction" turned out to be utterly, laughably false.

    So, first things first: Where's The Birth Certificate?, Corsi asks in his book title. In the Foreword, WND CEO Joseph Farah repeats the question, saying that it has "dogged Obama throughout his term of office" and "may well cost him any chance for re-election in 2012."

    Well, here it is:

    Moving on...

  • UPDATED: "Pro-White" Radio Host Claims He Helped Jerome Corsi With Birther Story

    Blog ››› ››› ERIC HANANOKI

    The host of a self-described "pro-white" radio program has claimed that he helped WorldNetDaily reporter Jerome Corsi with a story related to Corsi's new book, Where's the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President.

    James Edwards writes today that Corsi "personally e-mailed me a few months ago for some assistance on a story closely related to the contents of this book. I was happy to oblige and work behind-the-scenes with both Dr. Corsi and World Net Daily on this matter."

    Edwards is the host of the "pro-white" radio program The Political Cesspool. The show's website states: "We represent a philosophy that is pro-White ... We wish to revive the White birthrate above replacement level fertility and beyond to grow the percentage of Whites in the world relative to other races." The show regularly features a guest roster of "pro-white" figures like David Duke and "neo-Nazi activist April Gaede."

    Corsi is familiar with Edwards and his program. Corsi appeared on the July 20, 2008, edition of Edwards' radio show. He was also scheduled to appear again on August 17, 2008, but canceled following criticism.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center writes that Edwards "has probably done more than any of his contemporaries on the American radical right to publicly promote neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, raging anti-Semites and other extremists." Indeed, after promoting Corsi's book, Edwards transitions to promoting the pro-segregation book White Identity by Jared Taylor. The ADL notes that Taylor "founded The New Century Foundation, a self-styled think tank known primarily for American Renaissance, a white supremacist journal and companion Website."

    Edwards' website features countless posts bashing minority groups. Recent posts include headlines such as "When are white folks gonna listen??? DIVERSITY + CRAIGSLIST = DEATH," "Black man fathers 23 children with 14 different women," and "Blacks go wild at the Washington DC Zoo."

  • Newsmax runs ad for book by "pro-White" radio host

    Blog ››› ››› TERRY KREPEL

    Note the ad on the left side of this screenshot taken from Newsmax on July 18:


    James Edwards is the host of the "Political Cesspool" radio show on a Tennessee radio station. Edwards' show's website states that "the hallmark of his work on Political Cesspool" is that he delivers "an unapologetically pro-White viewpoint."

    Edwards' book, Racism, Schmacism, appears to cover similar territory. The promotion for the book on the" Cesspool" website declares that "James Edwards gets it" -- among the others who apparently "get" Edwards are Jerome Corsi, Pat Buchanan, and WorldNetDaily birther hero Tim Adams -- and also that "James isn't afraid to call a spade a spade" (underlined for emphasis). The promotion continues (emphasis in original):

  • WND's latest birther nonsense finds a fitting home

    Blog ››› ››› MEDIA MATTERS STAFF

    As we documented, WorldNetDaily found a new low in their ongoing promotion of absurd birther conspiracy theories when they promoted a birther claim that was made on a "pro-white" radio program at a "white supremacist" conference.

    White nationalist James Edwards -- on whose radio show the claims were first made -- touted the fact that he was "working in cooperation" with WND and got "huge national exposure." The associations behind the claims led websites like right-wing message board Free Republic to pull threads related to the story because a video containing the claims were posted by a "front group for a neo-Nazi group."

    While the story petered out after this, someone has finally taken the latest birther bait: a "National magazine," according to a new story at WorldNetDaily. The top headline at WorldNetDaily currently reads: "Guess who's covering sensational claim on Obama's birth." Newsweek? The National Review? Not quite:

  • Does MSNBC approve of Pat Buchanan's appearances on a "pro-White" radio show?


    MSNBC political analyst Pat Buchanan appeared on the June 29, 2008, and September 14, 2006, editions of The Political Cesspool Radio Show, a program whose "Statement of Principles" asserts that it "represent[s] a philosophy that is pro-White." Buchanan's June 29 interview was streamed "Live" on the self-described "White Nationalist" and "White Pride" website Stormfront.org.

  • "[P]ro-White" radio host Edwards asks of Media Matters' funders: "[W]hat do you want to bet that a lot of those 'wealthy liberals' have funny last names?"

    ››› ››› MATT GERTZ

    Responding to a Media Matters item, James Edwards, co-host of the "pro-White" Political Cesspool Radio Show, asserted that Media Matters is funded by "a bunch of 'wealthy liberals,' " and said: "And what do you want to bet that a lot of those 'wealthy liberals' have funny last names?" Edwards also said of himself and his Political Cesspool co-hosts, "We are not rooting for either candidate. We're rooting for white people."