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  • Watch The Today Show Demonstrate How Media Should Talk About Consent And Campus Sexual Assault

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    NBC's Today Show demonstrated the importance of talking about consent and campus sexual assault by providing crucial context explaining the epidemic levels with which the crime occurs on campuses and noting that consent is an "important conversation" to help address it. 

    On October 1 California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a mandate requiring high schools in the state offer "courses to provide lessons in the prevention of sexual violence," as the Los Angeles Times reported. The new law was preceded by previous legislation in the state requiring "college campuses to improve policies to prevent sexual assault" and  "couples [to] affirmatively consent before engaging in sex."

    The October 16 edition of NBC's The Today Show highlighted the importance of addressing sexual violence in schools.Co-host Erica Hill explained how affirmative consent policies are working in California. The segment highlighted a teacher who has already implemented such policies in their classroom and found that "Kids understand. Kids actually want to engage in healthy relationships," and pointed to experts that note affirmative consent works in practice for young people. Hill provided crucial context for why such measures are needed, pointing out that "as many as one in five women is sexually assaulted or raped in college," and anchor Savannah Guthrie agreed that consent is "an important conversation":

    In contrast with Today's handling of the issue, media often dismiss the severity of campus sexual assault and cast blame on the victims rather than the perpetrators. Conservative media have spent years attempting to cast doubt on statistics finding that one in five women experience sexual assault while at college -- even as studies continue to reaffirm that undergraduate women experience high rates of sexual violence.

  • CBS Runs Error-Ridden Report On "New Solyndras"


    In a misleading segment painting a skewed picture of the Department of Energy's clean tech investments, CBS News' new morning show purported to reveal 11 "New Solyndras" -- companies CBS said "are having trouble" or "have filed for bankruptcy" after receiving federal assistance. But CBS only identified 7 companies and included some that did not actually get federal funds.

  • CNN's Hill advanced falsehood that public option is "unpopular"

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    Reporting that "a lot of the anger that we've seen in these town hall meetings is over the idea of a public insurance plan," CNN's Erica Hill falsely suggested that a public health insurance option is broadly unpopular, asking chief business correspondent Ali Velshi, "What are the real proposals here for public insurance? And why is it so unpopular?" In fact, according to several recent polls, a majority support a public plan option.