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  • Angelo Carusone: Advertisers see "aligning their brand with Hannity as actually the functional equivalent of giving a political donation to Trump"

    Media Matters President Angelo Carusone explains why Sean Hannity is toxic for advertisers

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    From the January 4 edition of SiriusXM The Dean Obeidallah Show:

    DEAN OBEIDALLAH (HOST): You are an expert on Sean Hannity so maybe you can give some insight on do you think it’s true. There was a part of the book, it’s actually in “The Hollywood Reporter” article today that Michael Wolff wrote but it’s an excerpt from the book and it said that they wanted to give a big interview, Trump wanted to give a big interview and it said, I’m reading, “The interview went to Fox News’ Sean Hannity who White House insiders happily explained was willing to supply the questions beforehand.” What do you think? And Sean Hannity of course has denied this. What do you think?

    ANGELO CARUSONE: I would not be the least bit surprised by this. Nobody has interviewed Donald Trump more than Sean Hannity has and even if it’s not the written questions, if it’s the idea that he’s just going to give him a little bit of a heads up about it of what the big bucket of things that he’s going to talk about it, it just wouldn’t surprise me. They speak regularly. And here’s the other thing that doesn’t surprise me and Sean Spicer confirmed this much at least that back in April when they were worried about, late March, or back in late March, early April when they were starting to think about the potential for the Comey stuff to blow up they were beginning to strategize alternative stories that they could promote that would serve as both a distraction and to deflect from the attention and it’s not a coincidence that the same time that the Comey letters dropped was when Sean Hannity started pushing the Seth Rich conspiracy theory.


    Let’s not forget that Sean Hannity is continuing to lose advertisers all the time, every day and the thing that I would point out there is when I talk to them as much as they are concerned about distancing their brands from his extremism or some of the nasty stuff he has said, one of the other factors that’s in play is that the tighter his relationship with Donald Trump and the more people see that in terms of the corporate decision maker side they actual begin to see supporting Hannity or aligning their brand with Hannity as actually the functional equivalent of giving a political donation to Trump.


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  • Watch a Muslim journalist call out the lack of media attention given to attacks on the Muslim community

    Dean Obeidallah: The media is the Muslim community’s “last hope”

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    Radio host and columnist Dean Obeidallah explained that the media’s failure to cover incidents of violence against American Muslims alienates the American Muslim community.

    On Saturday, August 5, a bomb exploded and shattered the windows of a Minnesota mosque, Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center, as worshippers gathered for morning prayers. This latest attack is not an isolated incident; reported anti-Muslim incidents have increased to a record high since 2016 in Minnesota. A day after the attack, as The New York Times reported, Gov. Mark Dayton denounced the attack during a press conference while visiting the mosque, calling it a “‘terrible, dastardly, cowardly’ act of terrorism.” However, as Obeidallah points out, the lack of media coverage on this attack has brought light to blatant media bias when American Muslims are the victims of terror attacks. Obeidallah says in a country where its president has “demonized” Muslim-Americans, their last hope is the media. From the August 7 edition of CNN’s Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin:

    BROOKE BALDWIN (HOST): You say if this were to be happening to Christian churches, everyone would be saying terrorism.  

    DEAN OBEIDALLAH: They would be saying terrorism. It would be getting a great deal of media coverage, and it would deserve that. And it should get that coverage. What I'm saying for the Muslim-American community and I am Muslim. We would like to see this get the coverage. This is not an isolated incident, sadly.  


    We look to the media as our last hope, frankly.  

    BALDWIN: We are having this segment. We are having this conversation, which is important. And thank you for calling this, of course, to our attention, and having the conversation, and writing the column. Why do you think, though, I mean, at least you have the governor of the state calling it how he sees it. Why do you think people aren't having the conversations that you think they should be?

    OBEIDALLAH: I think often the media doesn't cover these stories, or maybe you don't see the pattern that we do. I am in the community. My Facebook feed is filled with young Muslims across the country posting about this incident harassment or this hate crime.

  • Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert Explains How The AP Manufactured False Hillary Clinton “Pay-For-Play” Speculation 

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    From the August 29 edition of SiriusXM Insight's The Dean Obeidallah Show:

    ERIC BOEHLERT: So the [Associated Press] went in, they got access to Hillary Clinton’s scheduling from secretary of state, and they crossed matched it to see who she met with that were Clinton [Foundation] donors and they came up with the wildly misleading premise of the story and then this absolutely categorically false tweet.


    The obvious implication, she’s running a pay-for-play shop and if you donated to the Clinton Foundation, that’s how you met with her, if you didn’t meet with her, well good luck. She turned this into some kind of cash turnstile. So if you then go to read the story, where did they get "more than a half?" Well "more than a half" was 85 out of like 174 meetings were with donors. And you read that and you think, “She was secretary of state for 1,400 days. How the hell did she only have 175 meetings with people?” And you think, “That doesn’t make any sense.” And then you read, oh, the Associated Press is taking the tiny subset of people. They’re leaving out every government worker she met with and every representative from a foreign government. So when you factually look at her schedule, she had something like 1,700 meetings, met with thousands and thousands of people. But the AP wanted to turn this into a story, so they threw out 90 percent of those meetings and said, “We’re only going to focus on the private citizens, and that’s where we’re going to get more than half.”


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