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  • CBS Carries NRA's Water On Flawed Gallup Poll

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    Earlier this week, we pointed out that Politico and CNN had used a recently-released Gallup poll to falsely claim that "support for gun control" had plummeted to its lowest level in decades.

    Now CBS is getting into the game, pushing NRA-friendly talking points based on flawed readings of polling data. This morning on The Early Show, anchor Chris Wragge opened a segment on the polling by declaring that "according to a new poll, most Americans are against" gun control. Wragge claimed that this information "may surprise you." It does, mainly because it isn't true.

    As we've noted, Gallup didn't find a majority of Americans opposed gun control. Indeed, according to the poll, 77 percent of respondents want the laws covering the sales of firearms either kept as they are now or made more strict. By this measure, Americans overwhelmingly support gun control.

    CBS' bogus report comes as Congress is debating the National-Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act, an NRA-backed measure which requires states to honor concealed carry permits issued by every other state, even when the holder would not qualify for a permit under local law. According to polling conducted by a bipartisan team of polling firms, 74 percent of likely voters oppose the legislation.

    That doesn't sound like a populace dead set against gun violence prevention measures, but I'm sure the NRA appreciates CBS' efforts to push out their message to the contrary.

  • Media repeatedly declare that Obama's "honeymoon" is "over" -- but the cliché lives on


    A Media Matters analysis found that since the day after President Obama's inauguration, broadcast and cable news figures have been stating that Obama's "honeymoon" is "over" or questioning whether it is, rendering the cliché all but meaningless. During this period, media figures have suggested Obama's "honeymoon" is "over" with respect to "some ... die-hard Republicans," the media, African-Americans, Cuban President Fidel Castro, "Republican critics of his economic recovery plan," and economists.