On the one-year anniversary of Parkland, NRATV touts its success in putting guns in schools in Florida

Grant Stinchfield: “That is an amazing piece of legislation the NRA worked hard to get passed”

From the February 14 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): One year after the Parkland massacre, I can declare with certainty it was the most preventable mass shooting in American history. Today my heart goes out to every single person affected by it. And to honor the victims, I pledge to continue my and the NRA’s quest to push for all schools to be safe schools. We learned so many lessons from the mass shooting in Broward County. And if we act on those lessons, our children will be safer for it. The problem is, the anti-gun zealots who run the anti-gun lobbying groups are trying to block every more the NRA and NRA School Shield makes simply because they hate guns and our organization. I don’t care what they call us. They can’t preach to the media that we’re irrelevant. We aren’t, and I know this because of the work we are getting done. In the memory of every person shot at Parkland, at Santa Fe, or Columbine, or Newtown, in their memory, many kids are safer as more and more schools are looking inward to expose flaws so they can be corrected. Still it is true, too many more are not any safer. But look at what Florida did. It now mandates each school have an armed officer present. That is an amazing piece of legislation the NRA worked hard to get passed.

In honor of the 17 lives lost one year ago, I am calling on every school principal, every parent, every cop who goes into a school, look hard at your security. Expose the flaws and fix them. Of course NRA School Shield can help. We do it for free. No matter who does it though, it must be done. Do not let your school be the next Parkland.                 


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