NRATV Host: “If there is no … genuine black oppression as there was in the past, then what do you need the left for?”

From the July 7 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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BILL WHITTLE (NRATV HOST): Here is what they're doing though, right, political correctness is the left’s defensive position, but their offensive position is critical theory. Critical theory says we divide the country up into groups, the entire idea of “e pluribus unum,” the fact that we’re made into new people just as individuals, that has to go out the window. The country has to be divided up into tribes, the tribes have to be sent to attack the middle, and that is why you are not a real woman, you see, that’s why [NRATV host] Colion Noir is not a real black man and so on and so on and so on. Because if you are, then their entire narrative falls apart. If there is no black oppression to speak of, no institutionalized, genuine black oppression as there was in the past, then what do you need the left for? And if women aren’t oppressed, then what do you need the left for? And if people like you can take care of yourself and defend yourself in your own life, then why on earth would you need some sort of left-wing overlord to tell you what to do and take all your money? Pretty much how it works, I think.


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