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  • RedState's Erickson smears Obama's Nobel Peace Prize as "an affirmative action quota"

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    From Erickson's October 9 blog post:

    Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize: He's Becoming Jimmy Carter Faster Than Jimmy Carter Did.

    Posted by Erick Erickson (Profile)

    Friday, October 9th at 8:22AM EDT


    I did not realize the Nobel Peace Prize had an affirmative action quota for, but that is the only thing I can think of for this news.

    Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

    The deadline for nominations was two weeks after he was sworn in as President.

    So in less than two weeks of entering office, Obama did something to qualify. What was it? Not closing Gitmo? Continuing the Bush administration's policies in the War on Terror but no longer using the name? Or pronouncing a policy of abject American capitulation to our enemies?

    The Peace Prize reaffirms it s a joke. But now a sad joke.

    Somewhere Bill Clinton's head just exploded.

  • Conservative media figures divided over reaction to Chicago's failed Olympics bid

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    Some conservative media figures are spoiling the celebration for others who have taken joy in the International Olympic Committee's decision to award the 2016 Olympic Games to Rio de Janeiro rather than Chicago, whose bid for the games was supported by President Obama. While Glenn Beck crowed that the IOC's decision was "so sweet," and Rush Limbaugh stated, "I don't deny it. I'm happy," Joe Scarborough argued that "middle Americans that swing elections" will see conservatives celebrating Chicago's defeat and say, "My God, the Republicans have gone off the deep end."

  • RedState's Erickson ties ACORN to ... GOP Chairman Steele

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    Oh what a wicked web we weave when first we … well, you get the picture.

    RedState's Erick Erickson, whom we humorously errr conclusively tied to ACORN just two weeks ago, has now tied Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele to the dreaded ACORN. I guess that means ACORN has deep ties to everyone in the Republican Party?

    From his Twitter profile:

    Maybe this is what happens when all journalistic standards are thrown out the window in a wild game of guilt by association.

  • Rooting against America: Beck, other conservatives cheer elimination of Chicago's Olympic bid

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    Conservative media figures have celebrated the International Olympic Committee's elimination of Chicago's bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics and used the event to bash President Obama, who flew to Copenhagen to lobby IOC members on behalf of Chicago's bid. For instance, Glenn Beck called the news that Chicago's bid had failed "so sweet," Rush Limbaugh declared himself "happy" and "gleeful" with the results, and Matt Drudge proclaimed: "World rejects Obama."

  • More "indoctrination": Conservative media attack Obama's proposal for more school

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    Glenn Beck and other conservative media figures are now attacking President Obama's proposal to extend the length of school days and the school year, adding to conservative media's recent penchant for fearmongering about children in order to smear progressives. Beck and Rush Limbaugh claimed government mandates for longer school days would give the government more time to "indoctrinate" kids, and Michelle Malkin said Obama is acting as "school czar."

  • Breitbart burns Beck, Dobbs, right-wing media with false claim of "Community Organizers Pray[ing] TO" Obama


    Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, and prominent conservative bloggers followed the lead of conservative website after the site falsely claimed that an online video showed community organizers from the Gamaliel Foundation "pray[ing]" to President Obama. subsequently updated the original post with an editor's note acknowledging that "there is a debate over what is actually being said" and that the crowd may, in fact, be saying "oh God" rather than "Obama"; the Gamaliel Foundation subsequently stated that "at no time have we prayed to President Obama" and that in the video, the organizers "can be heard saying, 'Hear our cry oh God,' 'Deliver us oh God,' etc."

  • BREAKING: Media Matters uncovers deep connections

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    Today Media Matters for America officially confirms the breaking, bombshell, news that the conservative blog has deep, shadowy connections with ACORN, the organizing group for low- and moderate-income communities.

    As the post below illustrates in vivid detail, has clear ties with ACORN and it didn't take editor-in-chief Erick Erickson's rolodex to find them.

    It goes something like this... is owned by Eagle Publishing which also owns the right-wing magazine Human Events, right-wing book slinger Regnery Publishing, and the Conservative Book Club.

    Mike Krempasky is the co-founder of and continues to serve on its board of directors. In addition to serving on's board, Krempasky works as an Executive Vice President at Edelman, a major public relations firm with long octopus-like tentacles stretching throughout the business, political and governmental world.

    As's Erickson has so painstakingly pointed out, ACORN has like, tons of majorly huge ties to the White House – the group's CEO actually had contact information for real people in the White House. Edelman -- which again, employs's Krempasky -- too has major ties to the White House. In fact, the First Lady's press secretary once worked at Edelman.

    What about this connection... Krempasky worked with Leslie Dach at Edelman. Dach now works for Wal-Mart and recently co-signed a letter on its behalf in support of a key part of President Obama's health care reform plan with SEIU president Andy Stern. As we all know by now thanks to Erickson's crack reporting, SEIU and ACORN are basically one in the same.

    So, if we really want to play six degrees of separation – you know, so we can find everyone and everything associated with this commie pinko organization – one can tie ACORN to, Regnery Publishing, Human Events magazine and the Conservative Book Club without too much effort.

    How absolutely scandalous. This, I fear, is only the beginning. Just look at all of the authors now unmistakably tied to ACORN... prominent conservative like Haley Barbour, Michael Barone, William J. Bennett, Tony Blankley, Pat Buchanan, Jerome Corsi, Ann Coulter, Dinesh D'Souza, Steve Forbes, Newt Gingrich, Bernard Goldberg, Denny Hastert, Hugh Hewitt, David Horowitz, Laura Ingraham, Wayne LaPierre, G. Gordon Liddy, Rich Lowry, Michelle Malkin, Oliver North, Ted Nugent, Mitt Romney, Bill Sammon, Mark Steyn and R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. among many, many others including numerous conservative Senators and Members of Congress and the likes of Gary Bauer, L. Brent Bozell III, Larry Elder, Terry Jeffrey, Charles Krauthammer, Larry Kudlow, Bill O'Reilly, Tony Perkins, Michael Reagan, Rick Scott and John Stossel.

    Special Note to Glenn Beck: Feel free to run this story without digging too deep or sourcing it back to me personally. I know how seriously you take this issue and the craft of journalism in general.

    Personal Disclosure: I once worked with's Erickson doing some new media type stuff at MSNBC for about a week leading up to the 2004 general election. It was an experience that… oh no, I think that means I'm tied to ACORN too. Noooooooooooooo!!!

  • RedState's ACORN "exclusive" based on theft? Another questionable tactic in conservative assault on Obama, ACORN

    ››› ››› JEREMY HOLDEN

    In a recent "exclusive" report, editor-in-chief Erick Erickson analyzed "a list of [ACORN CEO] Bertha Lewis's contacts" that "just showed up one day unsolicited" from "a credible source who is no fan of ACORN," and claimed, "We did not ask for it. We did not expect to get it. But now that we have it, we should see who is in there." In analyzing a private contact list apparently obtained without Lewis' knowledge or permission, conservatives, in their obsessive quest to attack ACORN, have added possible theft to a growing list of questionable tactics that include the secret taping of ACORN employees, lying about whether any ACORN officials turned away filmmaker-activists James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles, and secretly taping a National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) phone conference.

  • Redstate lashes out at "Obama Brownshirts," calls for boycott of companies dropping Beck's show

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    Apparently panicked over's increasingly successful efforts to hold Glenn Beck and Fox News accountable for Beck's race-baiting, right-wing websites have gone into full attack mode. At Redstate, for example, Erick Erickson defends Beck's assertion that President Obama is a "racist," claiming that "it's not a stretch to say it." Erickson goes on to call for a boycott of companies that have pulled out of Beck's show and who, according to Erickson, are "kowtowing to Barack Obama's worshippers, brownshirts, goons, and thugs." He writes:

    We need to strike back and boycott these groups for ditching Beck. If they are going to fold so easily in the face of Obama brownshirts, we must push back. If not, who'll be next?

    Here's the list of the groups that have boycotted Glenn Beck. Let them know you disagree. Let them know you will boycott them for kowtowing to Barack Obama's worshippers, brownshirts, goons, and thugs.

    SC Johnson:
    Fisk Johnson Chairman & CEO
    Phone: (262)260-2000

    Petrell Ozbay
    Senior Global Public Affairs Manager
    Phone: (262) 260-2114

    Progressive Insurance:
    Glenn Renwick, President & CEO- (440)461-5000

    Linda Harris, Advertising & Sponsorships

    Tony Nicely
    Chairman, President & CEO, Insurance Operations
    (301) 986-2462

    Chris Tasher, GEICO Media Relations

  • falsely claimed McCain "confirmed" on Hannity that he was heckled by CNN's Ware


    RedState contributor "haystack" falsely claimed that Sen. John McCain had "confirmed [that] there was talking and laughing coming out of" Michael Ware's "mouth while he (McCain) was speaking" during a recent press conference in Baghdad. In fact, during McCain's appearance on The Sean Hannity Show, he stated that three other Republican members of Congress at the press conference said "there was laughter and chuckling going on." McCain did not mention "heck[ling]" or say that his colleagues attributed the purported behavior to Ware.