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  • Rosen supports building Park 51… and then "hijacking" a plane to "blow it to smithereens"

    Blog ››› ››› KARL FRISCH

    On Wednesday night, Colorado progressive author and AM 760 radio host David Sirota squared off in front of a sold out crowd with KHOW's Peter Boyles and AM 850 conservative radio host and Denver Post columnist Mike Rosen for a debate on a range of issues. When the topic turned to Park 51, the Islamic cultural center proposed in lower Manhattan -- the dreaded "ground zero mosque" as right-wingers call it -- things really took a turn to the extreme (emphasis added):

    SIROTA: We are supposed to have a country that has religious freedom. My ancestors came here because of religious freedom. A lot of people came here because of religious freedom and I think saying that the acts of --

    MODERATOR: 10 seconds.

    SIROTA: -- 18 people on 9-11 represents 1.5 billion Muslims across the land and trying to use that to spur Islamaphobia is grotesque.

    MODERATOR: Time. Mike, 30 seconds.

    ROSEN: I think they should be allowed to build it followed by the hijacking of an Iranian plane right into that building and blow it to smithereens.

    There you have it -- a very prominent regional conservative talk radio host advocating for another terrorist attack in New York City. See, the fight over Park 51 was all about Islamic insensitivity, it had nothing to do with hatred for all Muslims. What a crock.

    Share your thoughts about Rosen's extreme rhetoric. You can contact KOA AM 850 here, email Rosen here, or contact his sponsors here. While you are at it, you can email the Denver Post, which employs Rosen as a columnist.

  • It's not just Limbaugh and Hannity

    ››› ››› JULIE MILLICAN

    Beyond the echelon of widely known conservative radio hosts with national audiences lies a vast network of lesser-known syndicated and regional radio hosts who have become key components of an echo chamber for conservative talking points and falsehoods. Like their better-known counterparts, these syndicated and regional radio hosts have played active roles this election season in promoting falsehoods and smears in an all-out effort to foment hate and distrust among their listeners for President-elect Barack Obama. While the hosts vary in the degree of vitriol they spew and in their ratio of rebuttable falsehoods to unbridled smears, Media Matters for America and Colorado Media Matters have identified common themes that many, if not all, have promoted over the past year.