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  • Here Are The Media Figures Who Praised Renowned Liar Sean Spicer

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    White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has attracted widespread criticism for “a series of false statements” he made about the size of the crowds at the presidential inauguration. Prior to Spicer’s meltdown, however, some media figures were full of praise for the “competent, thorough” “straight shooter.”  Later, other media figures credited him for a supposed “reboot” in his first official press briefing as White House press secretary.

  • Vox: Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards Was First Convention Speaker To Mention Abortion On Stage

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    On Tuesday night, Planned Parenthood Action Fund president Cecile Richards addressed the Democratic National Convention in a speech that CSPAN was the only cable network to air in full. Richards was also the first speaker at the convention to use the word "abortion" on stage. 
    Vox’s Emily Crockett pointed out that reproductive rights advocates in recent years have pushed to de-stigmatize abortion, a campaign that involves encouraging people to publicly talk about a procedure -- including by naming it -- that one in three U.S. women will have in her lifetime.

    It might seem strange that Democrats, most of whom are pro-choice and willing to speak out against things like Planned Parenthood funding cuts, are often so reluctant to actually use the word "abortion."

    But it’s very common for Democrats and other pro-choice advocates to instead use euphemisms like "a woman’s right to choose." There’s also a tendency to implicitly apologize for abortion by emphasizing that federal funds for Planned Parenthood don’t go toward abortion, or to focus only [on] how great the organization's contraception and sexual health services are.


    In recent years especially, pro-choice advocates have pushed to fight the stigma against abortion in order to protect it as a fundamental right. They say that about one in three women will have an abortion in her lifetime, and many people don’t realize that abortion is a safe, routine medical procedure.

    Abortion should be treated like the normal medical care it is, advocates say, not separated out and turned into a political football. And they say that saying the word "abortion" like it’s a normal thing is one way to break the stigma and accomplish that goal.

  • Will The Media Fall For Paul Ryan’s Sham Poverty Proposals Again?

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    With Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan slated to release a new proposal to “reform” American anti-poverty programs on June 7, media should be aware of his long history of promoting “far-right” and “backward-looking” policies that would enact draconian cuts to vital programs for families in need and actually "exacerbate poverty, inequality, and wage stagnation."

  • Watch A Christian Radio Reverend Call Out The Hypocrisy In Anti-Muslim Politics

    Rev. C. Welton Gaddy: "When Any Person's Religious Identity Can Be Considered A Justification For Hate And Discrimination, The Health Of The Soul Of Our Republic Needs To Be Re-Examined"

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    Christian radio host of State of Belief and former president of the Interfaith Alliance Rev. C. Welton Gaddy condemned efforts to restrict the freedoms of Muslims in America, declaring "if Muslims are not free in this nation, none of us are free in this nation."

    During the December 3 Muslim Advocates Annual D.C. Area Dinner, Rev. Gaddy discussed the rise of anti-Muslim rhetoric and hate crimes in the U.S. and around the world and said "the most fundamental values of both religion and democracy ... are under siege." Gaddy added that when religion is used as "a justification for hate and discrimination, the health of the soul of our republic needs to be re-examined." Gaddy also pointed out the hypocrisy in people "seeking to change the definition of liberty in order to claim a freedom for themselves that they refuse to extend to others."

    From the December 3 Muslim Advocates Annual D.C. Area Dinner, as aired on C-SPAN:

    REV. C. WELTON GADDY: Gratitude for this honor this evening comes to mind easily. But negative emotions also disturb my heart and mind tonight. Not all is well with our nation, and our world, understatement. The most fundamental values of both religion and democracy, so prominent in our work together, are under siege to an extent that the meaning, integrity, and quality of freedom in religious freedom -- for all Americans -- are seriously threatened.

    When candidates for the highest office in our land sound like bigots, with favor anarchy over democracy, something is bad wrong. When any person's religious identity can be considered a justification for hate and discrimination, the health of the soul of our republic needs to be re-examined. Having spent most of my adult life promoting, protecting and defending religious freedom, I must tell you that I do not think we could pass the First Amendment to the Constitution today. Extremely short-sighted people are seeking to change the definition of liberty in order to claim a freedom for themselves that they refuse to extend to others.

    I hurt with you, as well as stand beside you in support, knowing that Muslims are under a severe attack that includes despicable violence by people who don't understand either the Constitution or Islam. I'm reminded of the dark days of the civil rights movement, when under threats of danger, devotees of basic constitutional rights had to seek protection through lobbying for new laws or insisting on the enforcement of laws already on our books -- while at the same time trying to change the hearts and minds of the American people. We want to change those minds. We have to have those laws.

    Thankfully, Muslim Advocates is aware of that strategy. You've heard it. Legal initiatives are imperative. No office in our nation is superior to the guarantee of the issues of freedom and justice for all people. When it comes to issues of the heart, and I'm speaking now to the Muslim community, when it comes to issues of the heart, you should not have to go it alone. It is far past time for all religions in this land, majority religions and minority religions, to position themselves alongside you as Muslims and to remain alongside you, tirelessly advocating for eradicating hate and practicing injustice as you're having to experience. What Farhana and I had the honor of doing together, along with other colleagues, sitting at a table with the Attorney General of the United States, seeking wisdom that would move us through crises with no abdication of support for the Constitution, testifying in Congress to expose the lies being told about Muslims, and clarifying the difference between a religion of peace and a sick organization perpetrating violence, and encouraging the White House to highlight the plight as well as the benefits of all minority religions in our nation. That work was fulfilling and fun for us. It is work that needs to be done. No, it is work that has to be done in media, coffee houses, humanist gatherings, board tables, universities, atheist organizations, and houses of worship all across this nation. If Muslims are not free in this nation, none of us are free in this nation. [C-SPAN, Attorney General Loretta Lynch At Muslim Advocates Dinner, 12/3/15]

  • Right-Wing Media Take Joint Chiefs Of Staff Chairman's Testimony On ISIS Out Of Context To Claim He Is Contradicting President Obama

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    Right-wing media are claiming congressional testimony from Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford contradicts President Obama's recent statement that ISIS was "contained." In fact, Dunford and Obama made the same point, with Obama specifically referring to the geographic containment of ISIS in parts of Syria and Iraq, and Dunford noting ISIS has been "tactically" contained "in areas."