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  • Breitbart blogger (and ex-L&O actor) Michael Moriarty: 9-11 and Oklahoma City were inside jobs

    Blog ››› ››› ERIC HANANOKI

    A frequent contributor to Andrew Breitbart's websites said he believes that the September 11 attacks and the Oklahoma City bombing were inside jobs, and suggested he'll feel "comfort" when President Obama is killed.

    Appearing on the radio program Deadline Live in February 2007, Michael Moriarty, who played assistant district attorney Ben Stone on Law and Order, was asked by host Jack Blood if he believes "that 9-11 had fingerprints of [an] inside job." Moriarty responded with his "theory" that before 9-11, President "Bush talked to the Bin Laden family in Riyadh" and said he needed "probable cause" to invade Iraq; the "Bin Ladens," in turn, told Bush that "we'll give you probable cause." When asked if he had any doubt that the Oklahoma City bombing was an "inside job," Moriarty replied: "None! There were two seismic reports of explosions, there were no federal -- there were no children of federal employees in the building at the time in the daycare center, and the ATF were nowhere to be found."

    Moriarty's 9-11 and Oklahoma City views aren't the Breitbart contributor's only controversial remarks. On Deadline Live, Moriarty said he believes as "fact" that Presidents Clinton and George H.W. Bush were running illegal guns and drugs, and laundering money out of Arkansas. Moriarty has also castigated Islam as "evil" and a "Gestapo."

    Writing for Breitbart, Moriarty likened Obama to "Robespierre" and added, "The only comfort is that Robespierre eventually had to face his own favorite solution: the guillotine." Discussing politicians and abortion, Moriarty wrote that Roe v. Wade "is worldwide suicide. Legalizing murder ultimately means legalizing your own assassination." Moriarty has also written that a "Spirit of Evil" "owns" Obama -- who "dwarfs the endless lies of Hitler, Stalin and Mao" -- and that "Red Islam" has "invaded" the country through the president.

    Despite housing Moriarty as a contributor, Breitbart and his websites have castigated 9-11 Truthers and those who associate with them. Media Matters has documented Breitbart's apparently non-existent vetting of its contributors.

  • Big Falsehoods: A guide to Andrew Breitbart's lies, smears, and distortions


    Andrew Breitbart's "Big" websites -- Big Hollywood, Big Government, and Big Journalism -- as well as his website, have in recent months laid claim to many "exclusives," touting controversial and sensationalist storylines that have been picked up by other conservative media outlets, from Fox News on down. However, a closer examination reveals that many of Breitbart's "scoops" have been based on speculation, gross distortions, and outright falsehoods.

  • One year later, right-wing media still mourn the loss of Bush

    ››› ››› JUSTIN BERRIER

    One year after the inauguration of President Obama, right-wing media -- in particular Andrew Breitbart's Big Government, Big Hollywood, and Big Journalism -- marked the anniversary with a series of articles fondly reminiscing about the Bush administration, in which they often attempted to rewrite the history of Bush's policies and also attacked Obama.

  • Beck, Breitbart witch hunt targets White House official Buffy Wicks

    ››› ››› ADAM SHAH

    Fox News' Glenn Beck, Andrew Breitbart's, and other right-wing media figures have targeted White House official Buffy Wicks in their ongoing witch hunt against President Obama's administration officials. Beck and have repeatedly attacked Wicks, and he and's Mike Flynn have made the baseless charge that Wicks was engaged in preventing prosecutions of those involved in the alleged beating of a tea party protester.

  • This attempt at right-wing media criticism brought to you by the letter "S"... for stupid

    Blog ››› ››› SIMON MALOY

    For the better part of four years now, the crack bias sleuths at NewsBusters have had something of a monopoly on really awful media criticism. If you wanted to read some of worst, most puerile carping on the alleged transgressions of the mainstream media, all you had to do was head over to Tim Graham's place and read about MSNBC's biased promo announcers, Andrew Sullivan's unforgiveable foreignness, and the Washington Post's anti-"Wolverines!" slant. And let's never forget Matt Lauer's terrorist neckwear.

    But it looks like Andrew Breitbart's is looking to dethrone NewsBusters as the premiere source for asinine right-wing media criticism, and they made a compelling case with one of their "featured stories" this morning which documented the absurd liberal bias in an episode of Sesame Street that aired two years ago.

    Just let that sink in for a moment...

    So, in the spirit of one of Sesame Street's many iconic characters, let's count the ways in which embarrassed themselves this morning:

    Add one more soldier to the Left's war on Fox News: Oscar the Grouch.


    Later in the episode, Anderson Cooper from 4th place CNN, guest stars as a reporter for GNN. He interacts with "Walter Cranky" and "Dan Rather-Not" - Muppets representing real-life liberal news personalities - and they talk about "Meredith Beware-a" and "Diane Spoiler." But no affectionate nicknames for Fox News personalities; no Spill O'Reilly or Brittle Hume - nope, and the only disparaging characterization of real-world news is reserved for Fox: Fox is a POX. It is trashy. They didn't even attempt to try "MessyNBC."


    The message is clear, I can't even sit my kids in front of "Sesame Street" without having to worry about the Left attempting to undermine my authority.


    The fact that this is a re-run from an episode written during the Bush Presidency only reinforces that this is nothing new. The Left has been doing this for years now. All of us have seen it and felt powerless to mention it, because if we do, we're ridiculed and dismissed (thank you, Mr. Alinsky).


    "Sesame Street" can awkwardly slam FoxNews from the comfort of their stodgy old PBS studios... Meanwhile, we have the cool kids on our side: Dennis Miller, Greg Gutfeld, Andrew Breitbart and yes, even Glenn Beck. And our cool kids are pointing out just how boring, lame, predictable and lazy the other side has become.


    And so forth...

    I'd like to think that this is satire of some sort. I really would. But we've all seen how earnestly idiotic these folks can be.

  • Breitbart websites' specious claim: Volunteer opportunity search engines have liberal bias


    In October 15 and September 18 posts, bloggers for Andrew Breitbart's and have denounced search engines used to promote volunteer opportunities by the Entertainment Industry Foundation's "I Participate" initiative and the federal United We Serve program, condemning the former for including volunteer opportunities with Planned Parenthood and the latter for including a volunteer opportunity for ACORN. However, neither post noted that the search engines promote volunteer opportunities with a wide array of groups, including the National Right to Life Committee and the Tea Party Nation.

  • Following coverage by Beck, media conservatives baselessly claim NEA broke laws

    ››› ››› ADAM SHAH

    Advancing Glenn Beck's and Andrew Breitbart's aggressive promotion of an August 10 conference call, Fox News' Gretchen Carlson and conservative columnist Ben Shapiro have alleged that the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) broke laws against lobbying and electioneering during the secretly taped call. In fact, the transcript of the conference call released by Breitbart's website contains no evidence of illegal electioneering or lobbying by government officials.