Boortz on Florida looters: “Collect them all and bury them in a mass grave”

In response to reports from Florida that looting is occurring in Hurricane Charley's aftermath, nationally syndicated radio talk show host Neal Boortz suggested on August 17 that looters should be shot and buried in mass graves.

From the August 17 broadcast of The Neal Boortz Show:

BOORTZ: They do have looting going on in Florida now, and listen, if shooting looters in Iraq is good then shooting looters in Florida is good. It is a special type of crime to go into an area like that where somebody has already suffered a devastating loss and start stealing things from them and law enforcement just does not, they're too busy trying to help people, they're too busy searching for missing people, they're too busy answering personal emergencies, they don't have the time to deal with shooters. The governor of the state ought to declare open season on looters in order to save time on the arrest process and booking process. You know how they spray paint an “X” on a house that's been condemned? OK, give the police a can of fluorescent orange paint. If they see someone looting, shoot him. They go up there, they just spray paint an “L” on him and get about their business, and then after everything is over they can go collect them all and bury them in a mass grave.