MSNBC's Morning Joe highlights hypocrisy of GOP and anti-Semitism 

Joe Scarborough: “If we want to add up anti-Semitic tropes ... Republicans, they're going to win this one by a landslide.”

From the March 11 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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JOE SCARBOROUGH (CO-HOST): Again, we've said this before, but, Nick Confessore, you actually look at the record and, again, it's pretty remarkable that Donald Trump, the Donald Trump of Charlottesville, who talked about moral equivalency between neo-Nazis and anti-fascists. The Donald Trump that put a Star of David over Hillary Clinton's face talking about how Jewish money was going to buy the presidency. The Trump Republican party of [Rep.] Kevin McCarthy, Kevin McCarthy of course putting a tweet out before the election in 2018 basically saying that it's the Jews, the Jew money that's going to take over and, “We cannot allow Soros, Steyer, and Bloomberg to buy,” in all caps, “this election.” Of course, Kevin McCarthy selects three Jews and George Soros’s name, it's an old, tired anti-Semitic trope. Let me continue, of course, Jim Jordan. I ain’t reading anything, this is just -- I could go on all day. Jim Jordan talking about Tom Steyer just last week and, oh my gosh, he's never done this with a gentile, but he replaces the “S” in “Steyer” with a dollar sign. Jim, you think we can't figure out what you're doing? Again, if we want to add up anti-Semitic tropes, Nick, Republicans, they're going to win this one by a landslide. 

NICK CONFESSORE (POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT, NEW YORK TIMES): You can you go further back, Joe, to the 2016 campaign when David Duke supported President Trump, and President Trump was asked about it and refused to distance himself from David Duke and said he wasn't familiar with David Duke's views. If there is a repository for anti-Jewish sentiment in politics today, it is chiefly on the right. Not only on the right, but if you talk to actual neo-Nazis, the thing you hear from them over and over again, is that Trump is making the ideas of the far-right and the neo-Nazis more palatable in the mainstream, and they see him as their guy in mainstream American politics. Now there is plenty of anti-Semitism in the world and [Rep. Ilhan] Omar has been dinged for her comments, but it's ridiculous to say that the left is the repository for all of these things. What we're actually seeing here is the fight over the current kind of rulers of Israel and the current president (sic) of Israel. Netanyahu, it's mostly about him.


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