Conservatives Still Cannot Show Liberal Bias At NPR

This is becoming rather comical. The GOP Noise Machine has ginned up a nasty crusade to undermine public radio and get it defunded, but oops! they forgot to form a coherent reason for why the venerable news institution deserves to be undercut.

Last week I noted that Andrew Breitbart had two shots at detailing NPR's supposed sins. But each time Breitbart threw up air balls. First on CNN, and then writing at the Huffington Post. Both times Breitbart failed to point to anything of significance that NPR has done wrong, especially in terms of its coverage of conservatives and the Tea Party movement. And certainly Breitbart failed to point to anything NPR had done that would warrant the kind of bloodless right-wing pursuit that's now on display.

Now, the latest to fail at the mission is Brent Bozell's Newsbusters, an organization that, in theory at least, is supposed to be able document liberal media bias. But when it comes to NPR, Newsbusters' Noel Sheppard seems to concede the organization has no NPR evidence to point to, and instead suggests NPR “should hire an outside, neutral entity that knows what metrics to use to come to a valid conclusion” about the question of bias.

Are you kidding me? The conservative media movement and elements of the Republican Party have made it priority to defund NPR, but it turns out they have no actual proof of its wrongdoing. But if NPR paid for an outside study they might be able to document what NPR does wrong?

Let's face it, if NPR were as blatantly one-sided as conservative haters claim it is critics would instantly be able to point to a dozen or two examples of unfair journalism to back up their claim. Instead, over the last week conservatives haven't been able to point to any examples.