Why is News Corp. making secret political donations to GOP-aligned groups?

Earlier, we noted Rupert Murdoch's lame explanation for News Corp.'s recent donations to the Republican Governor's Association and GOP-aligned Chamber of Commerce. In short, Murdoch laughably claimed that the donation to the RGA “had nothing to do with Fox News” because he only gave the money due to his friendship with John Kasich, the former Fox News host that is currently the Republican nominee for Ohio Governor.

Discussing Fox's million dollar donation to Chamber of Commerce, Murdoch told Politico's Keach Hagey that News Corp. “didn't expect” the donation to become public. This raises the question: why is News Corp., which owns the largest cable news organization in the country, making secret political donations to GOP-aligned groups? And based on Fox's non-stop boosterism of the GOP, it's worth asking: has News Corp. made any other donations to GOP-aligned groups that they didn't “expect” will become public?