Watch MSNBC's Ari Melber interview the law professor approached to lie about Mueller in exchange for money

From the October 30 edition of MSNBC's The Beat with Ari Melber:

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ARI MELBER (HOST): I'm going to start by reading what you've provided to our newsroom here at The Beat. October 22nd email a man contacts you, claiming to work for Surefire Intelligence, it says, “It's my understanding you may have had past encounters with Bob Mueller. I would like to discuss these encounters with you. I believe a basic call which I would compensate you for at whatever rate you see fit (inside reason), would be a good place to start.” Reading continuing this, he says, “My organization is conducting an examination of Robert Mueller's past. Tell me a decent method to contact you by telephone (or signal, which would be ideal) and a beginning rate to talk with you about all encounters you've had with special counsel Mueller.” It goes on to say, “We would likewise pay you for any references that you may have. Lastly, I would appreciate your discretion, it's very sensitive.” What did you make of that inquiry? 

JENNIFER TAUB: I found it really creepy to be honest with you and immediately upon reading I went on the internet to try to find a phone number or some other method to contact the special counsel's office. And all I could find was an e-mail, so I immediately forwarded the e-mail. Just so I should add, I have never met Robert Mueller. I've had no encounters, no phone calls, so I don't know him at all.


This was odd enough that I assumed I was not the only person being contacted. And I imagined probably other people had done the same and they were investigating it. And then we got overtaken by the terrible events of last week, and I didn't think much more about it until today. 

MELBER: Did you view this inquiry as an effort to discredit [Mueller] or find false material to attack him?

TAUB: I thought it was either that or some kind of set up of me. 


JOHN FLANNERY:  Maybe they just hope that you would make a complaint and create a bogus story in terms of the dimensions of accusations against the special prosecutor without any real evidence that any such thing occurred. And they were just hoping that it would feed the “alt-right” sound machine of attacking and believed to be true attacking Mueller so that in the days ahead when he does do something, they'll try to discredit it.


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