MSNBC's Steve Clemons Debunks Conspiracy Theory That Obama Made “Secret” Payment To Iran

Clemons: “I Reported On This On January 17th … I Don't See Where The Secret Is”

From the August 3 edition of MSNBC’s MSNBC Live:

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STEVE KORNACKI (HOST): The money went to Iran in cash. Does Paul Manafort have a point? 

STEVE CLEMONS: No, he doesn't. You know, I reported on this on January 17th we saw a lot of things happen all at the same time. The Iran deal was coming forward. We -- the president came out and gave a speech about that. He said we’ve got two other pieces of business. The release of American citizens and the resolution of this trust fund issue that had been locked up in The Hague. This was money that was Iran's money that was going to be used for the payment of American weapons which we never delivered on. We froze these funds. And the president came and said we've got a compromise on this and we're going to pay the Iranians $400 million. I don't see where the secret is other than the fact that allegedly we delivered it in big pallets of cash. But it was announced by the President of the United States. It's the weirdest secret I've ever heard. 

KORNACKI: What about the idea that it's a quid pro quo? You know, this money wouldn't be turned over if the prisoners weren't turned over. 


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