On MSNBC, Guns Down America’s Igor Volsky explains why corporations no longer want to partner with the toxic NRA

Volsky: “This is a train ... that the NRA can't stop”

From the April 26 edition of MSNBC Live with Hallie Jackson:

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HALLIE JACKSON (HOST): You talk about how to take down the NRA, which frankly has long been considered one of the most powerful groups in politics. How do you really expect that to happen?  

IGOR VOLSKY (GUNS DOWN AMERICA): Well, already the NRA is really in crisis. The Maria Butina piece is just an example of what was the extent of the relationship between NRA leaders and this woman who was trying to make connections between the Russian government and Trump and powerful leaders within the NRA. And how is it possible that sophisticated leaders within the NRA didn't know that the group that she had set up to promote gun rights in Russia, something that Putin opposes, is kind of a real legitimate organization. And there's actually an investigation about whether or not the Russians used the NRA to funnel dollars into the Trump campaign.

JACKSON: All of that said, do you think any of that will erode support for the NRA among its supporters?

VOLSKY: The NRA support is already eroding. I think what happened after Parkland is the center really shifted on this issue. And by that I mean several things: You saw about 40 companies break ties with the NRA, saying we are no longer going to offer special discounts to the NRA. We saw two large insurers flee the NRA’s carry guard program which was really going to be a cash cow for the NRA. And then in the midterms, we saw dozens of lawmakers who took money from the NRA lose their seats. At the same time --

JACKSON: Notably that Georgia race -- [INAUDIBLE]

VOLSKY: Of course, and at the same time, the number of gun owners is shrinking. So, there's a real membership problem for the NRA. And Americans are now embracing much bolder solutions for reducing gun deaths. Things like gun licensing, gun registration, gun buybacks. This is something -- this is a train that’s moving that the NRA can’t stop.


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