On MSNBC, Dana Milbank Highlights The Political Nature Of Upcoming Benghazi Committee Report

Milbank: “People Have Been Saying This Is A Political Committee For Some Time”

From the April 15 edition of MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes:

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STEVE KORNACKI (GUEST HOST): So expand maybe just on what I read there. What are you finding out about this report and the timing? 

DANA MILBANK: Well Steve, we know that chairman Gowdy has said he would like to have it out before the summer. We know that it's being drafted right now. And we know the review process takes a few weeks up to a few months, really depending on how quickly the majority wants to push it through and how agreeable they want to be in that process. So, by total coincidence it sounds like it'll be ready probably on the earliest side right before they head out for the political conventions in July. And if it's stalled a bit further then it will be coming out in September right in the heat of the home stretch. You know, people have been saying this is a political committee for some time. And now that, in fact, it seems to be coming by total coincidence at the worst possible time. To use Kevin McCarthy's words, they sound a little bit untrustable. 


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