Right-Wing Media Figures Use Obama's Remarks As An Excuse To Label Palestinian People “Barbaric,” “Savages”

Immediately following President Obama's remarks to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) on Sunday, right-wing media members seized the opportunity to label the Palestinian people as “savages” and “barbaric throwbacks.”

In a post to her blog Atlas Shrugs, winner Pam Geller managed to both call the AIPAC attendees idiots, and suggest, nay, state, that all Palestinians are “savages.” From her post:

A number of AIPAC notables kicked off the event. Steny Hoyer was the first politician to speak, and while strongly supportive of Israel, his idiotic insistence on a two-state solution was only met by more idiocy: a round of rousing applause. What delusional mental acrobatics must be engaged in to imagine a Philistine state living in peace and harmony. Hoyer talked out of both sides of his mouth. No support or tolerance for extremists or terrorists, but let's give the savages a state.

Geller also wondered whether, given the applause when Obama was introduced at AIPAC, “if Hitler came to AIPAC, before the world became aware of the Holocaust, would he, too, have received a standing ovation, out of respect for a head of state? No, I am not equating Obama to Hitler; what I am saying is that not every head of state is worthy of respect just because he is a head of state.”

In a post to his blog, Doug Ross wrote: “So President Obama just doubled-down on an absolutely nonsensical proposal. Israel tried this before: it gave Gaza to the Palestinian people. And it quickly became an armed camp, a launchpad for non-stop terror attacks. Any hope for peace with these barbaric throwbacks is delusional. There can't be peace with those who want you dead.”

People have made plenty of false and crazy claims about Obama's recent statements about Israel, but Geller and Ross take it to a new level by including such naked bigotry in their rants.