Fox Business host: Americans and the economy do well under government shutdowns

David Asman: “The markets don’t give a damn about a government shutdown”

From the Februrary 6 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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DAVID ASMAN (GUEST HOST): Politicians have this inflated ego concerning what they do inside the beltway, that somehow Americans are going to just fall apart if they think that there is a partial government shutdown. In fact, Americans can do very well without some of the government operating.  


In 2013 there was a government shutdown, it was blamed on the Republicans. You can argue about that but that’s how the media spun it. And yet in 2014, a year later, they did very well in the elections. Also, the markets by the way, we should mention the markets don’t give a damn about a government shutdown. In fact, sometimes they do better if there's a government shutdown because they do less spending. 


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