Will the press ever stop pushing the bogus will-Dems-delay-seating-Brown story?

A simple media request: If reporters can't find a single fact to support this RW conspiracy theory (and to date, none can), than would reporters please stop hyping the same idiotic story.

Honestly, recent efforts like this one by ABC News are just plain embarrassing:

Massachusetts Senate Race: Will Democrats Delay Seating Scott Brown?

Believe me when I say that within the entire online article, there is not a single shred of evidence --not one quote from anybody, nadda, zilch, zip--to support the RW conspiracy about Dems not quickly seating Scott Brown if he wins in Mass. (The ABC article however, is loaded with lots of “if's” .) The entire Dems-will-delay premise is nothing more than GOP propaganda; a beloved talking point (that's pure fantasy) and designed to cast Democrats as corrupt.

So why would ABC News devote time and resources hyping the nutty claim if ABC News itself can't find a single independent observer who thinks it's true? Why is ABC News not only taking the partisan pie-in-sky claim seriously, but also amplifying it and, to a degree, legitimizing it with awful articles like this one? Why is ABC News helping the GOP fire up its base on the eve of an election with purely speculative reports about baseless claims regarding potential Democratic malfeasance?

UPDATED: The fact that this hysterical claim about Dems not seating Brown is coming from the same GOP that refused, for more than half-a-year, to concede Al Franken's win in Minnesota is pretty rich. Not that anybody at ABC News notes the thick irony, of course.