On Sirius XM's Tell Me Everything, Parker Molloy explains why debate around transgender people needs to focus more on policy issues

From the December 6 edition of Sirius XM's Tell Me Everything (transcript starts at 5:40):

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PARKER MOLLOY (MEDIA MATTERS FOR AMERICA): There are a lot of issues that affect trans people that do need to be debated. When people talk about the “transgender debate,” a lot of times they -- what people say and what they mean is, “the transgender debate, are trans people real?” You know, that sort of stuff, when I think the transgender debate, I think, should it be legal for someone to be able to fire [someone] for being trans? Should trans people be allowed to serve in the military? Should doctors be allowed to refuse to treat trans people? You know, these are all actual issues that came up, you know? Should bullying trans kids in school be allowed on the basis of being trans? That's sort of the thing that comes to mind when I think about the transgender debate. It's not whether I exist or not because, hey, I'm talking to you right now, of course I exist. 


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