God bless Ann Althouse

Because honestly, what other prominent conservative blogger delivers unintentional hilarity as consistently as she does? (Talk about a crowded field of contenders.) She's a treasure for the funny bone.

Her latest bout of comic relief is here. The gist is that while visiting a random bookstore she spotted a display put out during inauguration week of a bunch of books and magazines featuring Barack Obama. But--and this was the newsworthy part, according to Althouse--there were not swarms of people crowded around the table. And she posted pics to prove it!

“Despite shrines to Obama, bookstore was nearly empty,” read the side-splitting headline.

Ah, right-wing blog logic. Borders Books, which is in the amidst of an economic free-fall by the way, put out a lots of Obama-related products. But when Althouse stumbled into a store in January (a traditionally dead time in the publishing industry), on a Friday night at dinnertime, there weren't many shoppers around.

So Althouse, naturally, suggests the media interest in Obama is misplaced. That people don't really care, or maybe don't even like him. Actually, Althouse seems to suggest Obama is causing people to stay away from bookstores. That he' s responsible for the downturn in shoppers because before the Obama shrines, bookstores were packed with people. (I told you she's comedy gold.)

Her bookstore visit was all the proof Althouse needed to prove her point.

She ignores Obama's sky-high approval ratings.

She ignores the record-breaking number of people who turned out in D.C. for the inauguration.

She ignores the nearly 40 million people who watched the swearing-in on TV.

She ignores the new online-traffic records set during the inauguration.

She ignores the fact that newspapers geared up for historic inauguration press runs in order to meet demand for Obama news.

None of that matters people, because Ann saw what she saw. And conservatives wonder why their end of the blogosphere isn't taken seriously?

Oh, speaking of. Ann, did you ever figure out who slipped that listening device into Obama's ear during the prez debate last autumn? Just checking....