Stay Classy: Right-Wing Media Attack Will Ferrell For Encouraging You To Get Health Insurance

Will Ferrell was the target of conservative ire this week after tweeting a picture encouraging uninsured Americans to get health care coverage.

On February 24, Ferrell's “Funny Or Die” humor website tweeted a photo of the comedian holding a sign with the words #GetCovered, a hashtag affiliated with the Department of Health and Human Service's efforts to encourage young people to sign up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act's new health care exchanges.

Cue the wrath of right-wing media figures.

Frequent Fox guest and conservative radio host Laura Ingraham tweeted, “Ferrell for #Obamacare ... almost as funny as getting an ins. policy cancellation notice in the mail.” Later, she added

Right-wing talker Michelle Malkin's accused Ferrell of being a “celebri-cult 'sell out',” while the Daily Caller's Jim Treacher called the popular actor an "apparatchik" -- a term historically used to describe members of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union. The Nevada branch of the conservative advocacy group Americans For Prosperity wrote, “Good thing we don't take medical advice from comedians .. Let him know how you feel on his Facebook page!”  

Will Ferrell is no stranger to attacks from conservative media. has accused his Funny Or Die site of producing “propaganda videos to promote Obamacare.” And of course, Ferrell's character in The Lego Movie was attacked by a Fox Business host for being “anti-business.”