Fox News' post-debate coverage included body language analysis of candidate chin positions

Tonya Reiman: “If you're looking at me and I look at you like this, sometimes it's because I'm looking down at you. Sometimes it's because my head is not in the right posture”  

From the July 30 edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle: 

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): You've heard what the candidate said tonight but what didn't they say is getting -- well, should get some attention. Here with me now to analyze is body language expert Tonya Reiman. All right Tonya, let's start with Gov. Steve Bullock of Montana. We noticed several times he was talking with his chin up.  

TONYA REIMAN (GUEST): Right, yes, I noticed that. 

INGRAHAM: What does that mean?

REIMAN: A lot of times when people do that, that's a superior gesture, they tilt their head up in this direction that says I'm above you. 

INGRAHAM: So he's looking down at them? Like I'm -- what are you talking about? 

REIMAN: That's kind of what the generic term is but quite often it's also posture related. So, if you're looking at me and I look at you like this, sometimes it's because I'm looking down on you. Sometimes it's because my head is not in the right posture. So if my direction isn't right -- you have to look at him in general. So the entire time he's doing this he's talking the entire time his head is back. 


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