Infowars: 3D-printed gun maker Cody Wilson's arrest on underage sex charges is an “obvious set up”

Wilson was a previous guest on Infowars

From a September 19 video posted on Facebook by Infowars' War Room:

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ROB DEW (INFOWARS NIGHTLY NEWS DIRECTOR): Breaking, Austin man at center of 3D-printed gun debate faces sexual assault charges -- sex assault charge, sex assault charge. This is Cody Wilson, we’ve had him on our show, this broke this morning. We’ve actually reached out to him for a comment, I don’t know if we've received anything yet. But I’m going to get into this, and this is kind of going to be a warning to people out there that are on the right. That are young and upcoming and single. This is what not to do. I’m going to go over[with] you what this indictment says. This is an affidavit, says a counselor called Austin police on August 22 to report that a girl, under the age of 17, had sex with a 30-year-old Cody Wilson. So I’m going to break it all down when we get back. How to CYA, cover your ass. Because people are going to be doing stuff like this. Remember they lie, cheat and steal, this is the way they do things. This is the way the left operates.

DEW: All right, quick disclaimer, I am not defending the actions of Cody Wilson but I am going to show you what happened. This is what we call a honeypot trap. So Cody Wilson had an account on This young lady who was under the age of 17 started an account on and began messaging him. With a man named Sanjuro. He told her his name was Cody Wilson, and said he was a  big deal. They exchanged naked images of themselves. Then they decided to meet at a coffee shop. They go to a hotel, have sex, he pays her 500 bucks and then he drops her off at a Whataburger on Slaughter Lane. So when they say this is -- sexual assault is a second degree felony punishable by two to 20 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine, at some point you have to go, all right, this girl created the account, she went to meet him, she exchanged pictures with him. Now I know she’s under the age of 18, but did he go find her at a bar and roofie her drink and take her to a hotel and have his way with her? Did he grab her off the street? No. This is an obvious, obvious set up.  


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