Beck Calls Obama Names; As Always, Thinks It Will Be Taken “Out Of Context”

Back in June, in the last month of his shows on Fox News, Glenn Beck accused the Obama administration of “embrac[ing]” anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic, and anti-American “bigotry.” Beck picked up the same theme today on his radio show.

He accused President Obama of being a “bigot” and said that he didn't understand how someone could attend Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church and “not hate the Jews.” Later in the show, Beck kinda-sorta walked back this name-calling, wondering whether Obama meets the definition of a bigot and speculating that maybe he's an “ideologue” instead.

And, of course, Beck expressed his concern that the “mainstream media” and the “uber-left” would take his comments “out of context” and ignore all of his deep rumination on whether Obama is merely an anti-colonialist.

Beck led into his name-calling by rehashing Dinesh D'Souza's theory -- premised on falsehoods

that Obama is motivated by an “anti-colonial” ideology. (Beck has expressed his love for this theory in the past.)

Beck said, “He is an anti-colonialist. That's who he is. And everything else fits now in this umbrella. It fits. It all fits. But you -- remember when I got in so much trouble because I said the president is a racist? He is a bigot. I'm sorry. There's no way around it. The man is a bigot. He makes judgments based on what he thinks a society is like.”

After a commercial break, Beck referenced Obama's purported stance on colonialism and said, “There's the source of the problem with Israel for the president of the United States. It is Western colonialism more than it is, 'I don't like the Jews.' I mean, I don't know how you sit in Reverend Wright's pew and not hate the Jews. If you're sitting there every Sunday and you're listening to that stuff, I don't know how you don't hate the Jews. But let's not say -- let's say he doesn't. ... That's what this is. It's a despising of colonialism, thinking that it's wrong.”

Several minutes later, Beck wondered whether “bigot” was the right word for Obama's “point of view.” Beck said the “most charming” image of a bigot is Archie Bunker, while the worst is someone who would burn a cross. “And that's not Barack Obama,” Beck said. After his producer Stu Burguiere read a definition of the word “bigot,” Beck offered “ideologue” as an alternative.

Later in the show, Beck told his audience, “So, let's put everybody on warning. You're going to now see again another example of the mainstream media and the uber-left going out of their way to take me out of context.”