In Interview With Charles Koch, Fox's Megyn Kelly Promotes Myth That Koch Opposes All Government Subsidies

FACT: Koch Industries Lobbied To Keep Oil Industry Subsidies

From the October 15 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY: When companies aren't successful, Koch says Uncle Sam should stay out of it, dismissing government subsidies, loans and tariffs as quote, “corporate welfare.”  

CHARLES KOCH: Well, corporate welfare, I think, is a disaster for this country. It's crippling our economy. It's contributing to a permanent underclass and corrupting the business community. 

KELLY: Critics say what the Kochs really oppose is government assistance that could hurt Koch's bottom line, a charge Koch denies.

KOCH: We oppose all corporate welfare, whether we benefit or not. You will find that our policy positions mainly hurt our profitability rather than help it. 


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