Fox reporter suggests US should be “punishing” Central American countries “for not doing more to stem the massive migration” of asylum-seekers

From the April 2 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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KEVIN CORKE (FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT): The message, guys, is simple coming from the White House, if Mexico won't do more to stem the tide, we're talking about tens of thousands of people in the U.S., for a time period we'll shut down the border until both sides can figure out the best way forward. Because this is without question a major emergency. Let me share part of a statement from Kirstjen Nielsen, the Homeland Security secretary. We mentioned earlier in the show that she is obviously doing all she can to try to figure this out, to help America maintain its sovereignty. She says this, “We will urgently pursue additional reinforcements from within DHS and the inter-agency.”  She goes on to say this, “And we will require those seeking to enter the United States to wait in Mexico until an immigration court has reviewed their claims,” and as you know, that could end up being years. It is a monumental undertaking by any estimation. What to do with the thousands that continue to come here and claim asylum, where do you put them? Who pays for that? Who pays for their housing, their food, et cetera? And where do they go for the years until their cases can be heard? Well, to hear Democrats tell it, punishing Northern Triangle countries for not doing more to stem the massive migration is just poor policy. 


CORKE: That is certainly one perspective, but the White House perspective is listen, if Democrats really want to solve this problem they need to come to the table, work on immigration reform, so you don't end up with hundreds of thousands of people each and every year gaming the system to get into our country. 


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