Fox guest complains that many George Mason students don't want Brett Kavanaugh on campus

Host Stuart Varney: The idea that “some students would try to reject a sitting Supreme Court justice. I find that so outrageous.”

From the April 4 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): Here's the sensational story of the morning. Students at George Mason University are demanding that the school rescind its teaching invitation to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Our next guest interviewed students about this and said only one of them saw benefits to learning from a sitting Supreme Court justice. Emma Meshell is with us, Campus Reform lady. Emma, only one found any benefit from listening to a Supreme Court justice in a law school. 

EMMA MESHELL (CAMPUS REFORM): Absolutely. So this story is so insane, I had to talk to students about what they thought about it. So I went to GMU's campus and said,  “Hey, you guys know that your school just hired Brett Kavanaugh, what do you think about that?” Only one student had something positive to say about it. He said it would be great to learn from a Supreme Court justice. All the rest said that the accusations against him are enough to make it a negative thing to have him on campus. And this is very alarming because these are law students who are supposed to understand that people are innocent until proven guilty and that Brett Kavanaugh, in the eyes of the law, is still 100 percent innocent and he's a Supreme Court justice. What an opportunity for a law student to be able to learn from a Supreme Court justice. 

VARNEY: Right. That's the point, isn't it? How many times can a law school student learn directly from, and be taught by, a sitting Supreme Court justice. That is absolutely appalling. OK, hold on a second. You said one out of how many said it was a good thing. 

MESHELL: We talked to dozens of students on campus. And we walked around and we were just getting people's opinions. There was actually a protest on campus yesterday against this. Students were meeting with the president of GMU. And he actually had a great response to this, he said, “We don't just hire and fire professors based on what students think.” And they made an educated decision to bring on a Supreme Court justice. And the class is actually oversubscribed right now. There are more people who want to take this than the school can even accommodate. So really what this is here, is this a vocal segment of the school that has decided that because they don't like Brett Kavanaugh, that law students should have that opportunity taken away from them. 


VARNEY: This is so outrageous. The idea that a law school, some students would try to reject a sitting Supreme Court justice. I find that so outrageous. And so good that the administration has got a backbone.


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