Fox correspondent: Donated lunches are “one upside” for federal workers not getting paid 

From the January 23 edition of Fox News' The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino:

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DANA PERINO (HOST): TSA workers continue feeling the pinch of this partial shutdown. Another day, and more refusing to show up to work since they aren't collecting a pay check. All this though as travelers are remaining very sympathetic. Phil Keating is live at Miami International Airport with the latest.


PHIL KEATING (FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT): According to the airport, everybody's going through security in about 20 minutes. That's typical on a normal day, shutdown or not. And they call it a limited TSA presence, but really, the experience here, really, this looks like a very normal day at the airport. We did speak with a TSA administrator here today, and he says the length of this shutdown and not getting paid is taking its toll. 


KEATING: And the one upside for all of these federal agents who are not getting paid right now is that concessionaires and restaurateurs and chefs have been coming out and providing free lunches to all those federal workers every day. So doing their part to help out. 


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