Fox contributor slams California law expanding Medicaid coverage to young undocumented immigrant adults

Tammy Bruce argues they should just go to overwhelmed emergency rooms for health care instead

From the June 11 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): California set to become the first state to provide health benefits to illegal immigrants. Democratic leaders approving Governor Newsom's $98 million plan to provide nearly 90,000 adults with Medi-Cal, or Medicaid. 

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce, who has lived in California, joins us to weigh in. You know, if the legislature decides we're going to spend the money that way, that's the way the state's going to spend it.

TAMMY BRUCE (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Yeah, and the Democrats have veto-proof majorities, there's really no voice for an opposition. Here's what they're going to do: They're going to implement a California insurance mandate. They're going to put another -- a tax on people who don't have insurance to fund health insurance for illegal aliens. But let's remember too in this country, everybody does get access to health care. You can go into an emergency room and you are cared for. So already California is dealing with that, with overwhelming emergency rooms and hospitals. So nobody's not getting health care. This is an official taxing of people who don't have, again, insurance, to distribute it, they argue. And $98 million, I think that's going to be a little higher. You know, this is just after, by the way, they refused -- they did not pass a bill that would have given health care to seniors, to Americans who are over the age of 65, and they said no. It's too expensive, you see, it's too expensive. 

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): That's what's so interesting, because the older ones are not getting it and they're the ones who would need it more. 

BRUCE: That is correct.

EARHARDT: This is for adults, low-income adults that are illegal, here illegally in California between the ages of 19 and 25. You would think it would be cheaper for those individuals, because most of those are not going to get sick, to go into the emergency room and just get care.

BRUCE: Well, and they're working. They're individuals who are healthy individuals, younger individuals who tend to not do this. That's what they're relying on, so this is in a way an incentive to come into California. But keep in mind, as well: These are individuals who there's -- I'm not sure how we know how old someone is. Remember, we've got people coming into the country saying --

DOOCY: Undocumented.

BRUCE: Undocumented who are in high school, and they're 35 years old. 


KILMEADE: If you're in Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, or Guatemala, what incentive is it to stay there, when you can go to California for free, no National Guard at the border. Go there and get free health care and enjoy everything that comes along with it -- and driver's licenses? 

BRUCE: Because this announcement becomes international news.

EARHARDT: And vote, probably.

BRUCE: It becomes international news. And this is the chaos that politicians want to create at the expense of people's lives, and that's what we are standing up against.


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