Conservative media blast Napolitano's Truther comments -- will Fox respond?

Fox News has been silent about Andrew Napolitano's revelation on The Alex Jones Show that he believes the government is lying about the September 11 attacks, and Napolitano himself did not address the controversy during his Fox Business show Monday night. But some conservatives in the media are taking notice -- and they're not happy.

In a post headlined “Fox News Legal Analyst Andrew Napolitano A 9/11 Truther?,” Outside the Beltway blogger Doug Mataconis wrote, “Fox News/Fox Business legal analyst Andrew Napolitano, a former state court Judge in New Jersey, made comments recently that seem to indicate he doesn't buy the 'official story' of the September 11th attacks.” Mataconis embedded a YouTube video of Napolitano's statement and commented, “Napolitano was a guy I actually had some respect for, at least before these idiotic comments. This is the kind of people Fox is hiring these days.”

The blog The Right Scoop credited Mataconis in its post on the subject, writing, “I so didn't want to open this can of worms, but it appears that Judge Napolitano has opened his mouth and revealed that he is in fact a skeptic of how WTC Tower 7 came down. What's worse is that he did it on Alex Jone's [sic] show.”

Hot Air blogger Allahpundit wondered how many Fox employees share Napolitano's views on September 11, asking, “Precisely how many of these people does Fox have on staff? Am I going to open a newspaper tomorrow and find out that Megyn Kelly or Julie Banderas thinks the Pentagon was hit by a missile?” He later wrote, “Oh, and yes -- that is indeed the one and only Alex Jones whom the Judge is chatting with. Wonderful."

Radio host and Fox News regular Tammy Bruce took note of Napolitano's 9-11 beliefs on Twitter. Linking to Hot Air's post, she wrote, “Oh no. Judge Napolitano: It's hard for me to believe that WTC7 came down by itself.”


While she called Napolitano a “great guy,” she recommended that he read Popular Mechanics' articles debunking Trutherism, which she later said were “informative & helpful refudiating any truther crap you might hear” :


Given the negative reaction -- and the criticism of Napolitano by families of 9-11 victims -- will Fox finally address his public embrace of a beyond-the-pale conspiracy theory?