CNN's Cuomo: “It Was Interesting That” Fox News “Didn't Have More Ammo” On Clinton Emails At Town Hall

Chris Cuomo: Clinton Email Discussion “Went Right By Like It Would Have Anywhere Else, Let Alone At Fox”

From the March 8 edition of CNN's New Day:

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CHRIS CUOMO (HOST): Preston, in this Fox town hall, it was interesting that they didn't have more ammo ready to go on these big chunky issues that they love about Hillary Clinton: the e-mails, the trustworthiness, you know. It kind of just like went right by like it would have anywhere else, let alone at Fox. What do you think the significance of that is?

MARK PRESTON: Well, a couple things. One is Hillary Clinton has been criticized over and over and over again by Fox for not appearing on their network. And listen, you know, they do get a lot of viewers. I mean, they tend to get the Republican viewers, no doubt about that. But in many ways this question about Hillary Clinton and her honesty and her emails and what have you have been answered over and over and over again. And if you do not have the rival, if you do not have Bernie Sanders out there outright demanding over and over again that she release the emails or continue to beat the drum on the transcripts of the speeches that she gave to Wall Street firms, it's kind for hard for a journalist then to continue to do so. But as we head into November, Chris, as you know, this is a very competitive business and I'm sure Fox in some ways wanted to put out some kind of an olive branch to the Democratic candidates to try to get them to come on to their air a little more.


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