Fox's Roginsky: Blaming Clinton For Ambassador's Death In Benghazi “Goes Way Too Far”

Julie Roginsky: “For Anybody To Sit Here And Say Hillary Clinton Purposely Let This Man Die ... Is A Horrible Thing To Say To Her And Goes Way Too Far”

From the October 23 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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JEDEDIAH BILA: How are you sending one email to the prime minister of Egypt acknowledging this was an attack and then sending someone out repeatedly to deceive the American people and talk about this video. I mean, that guy wound up in jail. That became the story. The video became the story instead of what should have actually been the story which is that this administration was doing a terrible job when it came to terrorism, terrible job maintaining peace in Libya. They wanted a narrative, I think that's pretty clear right now. My question for you, Senator, though is when you look at her polling, when you look at trust issues, when you look at honesty, people really doubt that with her. When they see this, is the American public just going to say it was the fog of war or is this going to impact her in the same way the e-mail scandal has?

RAND PAUL: I think it's a constellation of things, but what I take from this is the most important, more important than that emails, frankly, more important than the spin afterwards, is that really it's the nine months preceding Benghazi, and that it appears on multiple occasions when they ask for more security, they ask more sandbags, more soldiers etcetera, they were denied but there's another story here also. Why were we in Libya and was it a good idea? Hillary Clinton was the biggest proponent, bugging President Obama, saying we need to topple Qaddafi. Well if you look at Libya now it is a failed state, there is no government, a third of those in Libya pledge allegiance to ISIS. I contend that not only did she not provide adequate security for Benghazi, but that she was a proponent of a war that actually made things less stable and made it worse off and actually made it more likely that we would be attacked from someone in Libya.


JULIE ROGINKSY: Why wouldn't she bring that up? She was secretary of state, it happened on her watch, she took responsibility for it. I don't think she's ever said this is not my fault, she took responsibility for it. You go on to then say that she could have done what? Because I had dinner with a former ambassador yesterday, I asked him about protocol over this and when this kind of stuff happens you don't call the secretary of state, you call somebody called the regional security officer, you call diplomatic security and that's who you call. So for anybody to sit here and say Hillary Clinton purposely let this man die, I think, is a horrible thing to say to her and goes way too far and I think when you have responses like, that's when people say, okay, this is no longer something that's a legitimate investigation. In fact, this is just going after her for partisan reasons. If she weren't running for president, you and I both know she would not have spent 11 hours testifying yesterday.

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