Fox promotes Hoft's insane suggestion that Obama celebrated Daniel Pearl's murder

Yesterday, serially dishonest and perpetually wrong conservative blogger Jim Hoft posted a short, out of context video clip of President Obama saying that Daniel Pearl's death “captured the world's imagination.” Hoft endeavored to correct the president's “crazy sick” interpretation of Pearl's death by writing, “No Barack. It was horrifying.”

This is an outrageous smear, as I pointed out yesterday:

Here's some context that Hoft -- who we last saw joining Sarah Palin's call for the media to do proper research -- leaves out: Obama was honoring Pearl by signing the Daniel Pearl Freedom of the Press Act when he made the comments in question. The people standing next to Obama in the video are Pearl's widow and son.

Obama's full remarks make clear that he was honoring Pearl (and not discussing how he was amused by the terrorists who killed Pearl, as Hoft insanely suggests). It is unfathomable that you could come away from reading these remarks with the impression that Obama was doing anything other than honoring Pearl

And even though Jim Hoft embarrasses himself on a daily basis, Fox News has deemed his latest absurd report worthy of promotion on Fox Nation's homepage:

Question for Fox Nation: Do you even read the stories you throw on your website, or do you just run with anything you think will damage the president?

Unfortunately, I think we learned the answer to that last month when they promoted (along with Hoft and Geller) a “report” about Obama that they borrowed from a blatantly anti-Semitic website. Of course, when it comes to your "new - true media," no smear is too dishonest to promote.