Fox News' MacDonald Falsely Claims Leaked DNC “Taco Bowl Engagement” Email Was A “Slam On Latino Voters”

Fox News’ Liz MacDonald falsely claimed one of the leaked email from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) hack showed party officials referring to Latino voter engagement as “taco bowl engagement.” The actual email is discussing a new video “to mop up more taco bowl engagement, and demonstrate Trump isn’t actually trying.” The email is dated May 6, one day after Donald Trump’s “taco bowls” tweet on Cinco de Mayo. A Univision article highlighted the timing, and pointed out the DNC put out a video on May 6, slamming Trump’s offensive tweet. McDonald ignored the context of the email, calling it “basically a slam on Latino voters.” From the July 27 edition of Fox Business Network’s Varney & Co.:

STUART VARNEY (HOST): One thing Donald Trump brought out was the nature of those emails which have been revealed in the DNC.

LIZ MACDONALD: And here’s one, the double standard, the DNC language. Donald Trump was saying the GOP emails, any emails written like this, they would be slammed. Let me give you one, it was talking about how to counter Trump in a new video. Here is the quote from a DNC staffer, attached is a script for a new video we would like to mop up some more taco bell engagement, which is basically a, you know, basically a slam on Latino voters.