Fox guest whines about Democrats' treatment of Brett Kavanaugh while praising GOP boycott of Merrick Garland

From the September 12 edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle:

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ANTJUAN SEAWRIGHT (DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST): Matt, you say you want to have meaningful conversations, but remember, it was your party who would not give President Obama's nominee a hearing to even start the conversation. 

MATT SCHLAPP (AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE UNION): Yes, and it was a wonderful decision. I loved that decision. 

SEAWRIGHT: And the truth -- of course you are. And that is a prime example of hypocrisy at its best. The second thing I would tell you, you know how important -- 

SCHLAPP: Your party doesn't run the Senate now, Antjuan, you don't get to determine when the hearings are. We get to because the American people elected Republicans to run the Senate.

SEAWRIGHT: Matt, all I'm doing is highlighting hypocrisy -- I am highlighting hypocrisy of your party, who would not even give President Obama's nominee a hearing, who Democrats and Republicans agree, who was a well-qualified for the bench.


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